“The Crazy Adventures of Wu Kong”

Firstly I’m rating this post as “silly”…read on at your peril…

So here’s my premise for a new animated series. Caveated heavily by the fact I can’t draw for toffee, have no financial backing and no one but E&P players will actually get it.

But hey, let’s ignore these glaring issues and press on!

Basically think of The Crazy Adventures of Wu Kong as a Scooby Doo knock off but with Wu Kong instead of Scooby (and if Funky Phantom, Captain Caveman and Dune Buggy etc etc could rip off that premise then why not this as well…). I never promised this would be original :wink:

In each episode the crazy kids and Wu go from location to location solving mysteries.

At the end of each one when they get to the big reveal they either succeed spectacularly or fail abysmally. There’s no middle ground here.

So…Episode 1 - The Creepy Funfair

In this episode the gang have to investigate a mysterious ghost who is scaring away the visitors.

At the end when they get to the big reveal one of 2 things happens:

A - They solve it so amazingly that not only do they realise it was the Janitor who had stumbled onto an abandoned gold mine on the site but they also chance onto a hidden lockbox held in a false name at an offsite location. They crack a 16 digit code on the first attempt and the contents links him to 11 cold cases and breaks an international smuggling cartel that was totally unrelated but just happened to be passing by that place at the time with all the evidence on them…the gang wins medals and international acclaim.


B - They accuse the Janitor only for his lawyer to get him off scott free and then he sues the team for libel. During the lengthy legal case the Janitors team finds a previously unknown piece of property law that gifts the whole site to him and 9 other funfairs setting him up for life whilst ruining the gangs reputation and leaving their finances in ruins

Until the next weeks stunning adventure that is where it can all change!!

Feel free to join my silliness with ideas for his Gang…or Crazy Adventures

And yes I’ve had some really really swingy raids with Wu Kong lately and a fairly boring lunch hour… :joy::joy::joy:




But who is the rest of the cast?

I feel aife gets a roll here as one of the gang as does Derrick, episode 2 instead of the janitor turning out to be the bad guy kage burrito (the sinister fairground Mexican food stall operator) turns out to be the janitor and ameomna turns out to be a troubled teen pretending to be a ghost who befriends the gang and helps unravel kages cartel links… unless wu misses in which case they all get busted for possession while playing with ame’s white ghost powder


Aife with glasses = Velma :wink:


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