The counter for Atlantis pulls is cleared

Hello Small Giant,

My chest counter for Atlantis pulls has been cleared. I had 7 pulls last month and I have decided to push for the last month Atlantis heroes. I did 3x30 plus 1x10 pull total of 100 pulls back then I have opened just 9 chests! This month when Atlantis opens I can see that the counter of pulls from Atlantis i cleared. My in game name is Tsar

I believe this is some kind of bug!

Please help me to restore my Atlantis Chest progress!

Thank you in advance!!!

Please DO NOT put your account info into the forum (Please remove immediatly).

Please submit a ticket to Support for this issue:

I can`t log in to SG site using my phone! Provided e-mail and passwords in the log in form are correct I have even tried to change them but no luck.

you can submit a ticket from a computer as well…

go to this page and then click on Submit a Request in the upper right corner

You are limited to a maximum of 9 chests per month. If you go over the 90 pulls, the progress is not transferred to the next month. It is written in the bonus chest description.

OK but why I should lose the progress with 7 individual pulls that I did before that?

Thank you! This really helped me

Can you point me to where it says the progress is not transferred to the next month, if you exceed the nine pulls? Doesn’t say so in my chest description.

If you click on the chest it says “Your progress towards the next chest will carry over to the next atlantis summon event IF YOU STILL HAVE CHESTS IN STOCK”.
In practice this means that if you do less than 90 pulls then the progress carries over otherwise it does not.
E.g. If you do 88 pulls then next month you will have the chest at 8/10. If you do more than 90 pulls then next month the chest will be at 0/10.

Thank you for your explanation. Perhaps SG could explain this a bit better in the description, so that people could be clear on it.

Well this is speculation from your side and if it like you said it is not fair. Why the single pull progress should be lost on top of that I am not convinced I did not count how many chests I have opened back then I have doubts that i have opened 9 chests even. I think I have opened 8 but this is my perception and probably I am wrong.

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