The "Costume" Chamber

I am pretty sure SG knows better how to make a profit than any random person on the forum complaining about the portals, just like any professional football coach knows better how to put a team together than all those couch coaches at home at their TV screens, after all that is exactly their job that they spend every working hour of their day on.
In this case even I find it rather obvious that it makes sense for them to keep the other costumes out of the general costume portal. If they included all costumes here, it would increase spending in this 1 portal and destroy all Halloween, S2, Christmas etc portal sales, because the costumes are the only thing that make people spend money in all those portals. It is SG way to keep all the portals interesting (for us and them). The costume portal is probably of comparatively low value to SG indicated by the short duration and lack of variety of offers to purchase, I guess it mainly was meant as a nod to newbies and FTP players to get a little upgrade for their crap heroes with an incentive to spend money for the big guys (Marjana, Leonidas, Kadilen)

I assume once those currently interesting costumes become outdated again, they will invent some more powerful new ones, while the then old ones will find their way to the general costume chamber, but not before that.

Greed is also a funny topic. I would say it is part of being a company, so there is nothing strange about it if a company is greedy, after all their only reason to exist is to make money. It would be a strange and most likely unsuccessful company that wasn´t greedy. But it could easily be turned around as well. Players seem to be insanely greedy to always need to get the best and the newest and of course all of them heroes. If they were just happy to play with what they have and work on their skills instead, nobody would need to discuss corporate greed :slight_smile: Anyway just a little philosophical sidenote.


I don’t mind the S1 costumes being available exclusively in the costume event and via the Hero Academy, though I agree that the costume event should now include all available costumes—or at least many more of the available costumes.

Even if they wanted to keep some, such as the holiday and event costumes exclusive to their respective events, it makes sense to put the monthly and the season two heroes’ costumes also in the costume event.

Also, it’s way past time they gave costumes and/or buffs to the heroes they’ve so far overlooked. Heroes like Perseus and Mok-Arr and Anzogh and other weaker heroes who needed balancing far more than the Gravemakers and Ariels of the E&P world need costumes, and making them available at the costume portal would be nice.


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