The $$$ Cost of E&P


If you want to get really scared stop talking about the “odds” of pulling a hero and start to talk about cold cash. In Australia a 10000 pack of gems costs $160.00. Purchasing gems is a neat way of abstracting you from the actual cost of the content you buy. Based on what I am hearing from other players it can take hundreds of pulls to actually bag something decent. If you have been playing for some time your chances of drawing a duplicate or something not useful is extremely high.

Real $$$ cost for pulls are:
1 = $4.48
10 = $44.80
30 = $134.40
100 = $448.00
200 = $896.00
300 = $1344.00

From what I have heard it is not uncommon for people to be trying 200 or more pulls to bag the new heroes or HoTM. Bear in mind that these heroes are situationally useful but like all content in E&P they will likely become less useful with the release of new content. This keeps the “desire” for new heroes active and makes you more willing to spend more each month.

Just to put the dollars in perspective. $896.00 can buy you any new gaming console and 5-8 titles. These are complete games with masses of content. They also do not impose arbitrary restrictions that control how and when you can play. As of this morning I can fly from Sydney to Los Angeles return for the cost of 200 pulls.

There is legislation being discussed in many countries regarding “loot boxes” and the value that they actually provide. No matter how it is dressed up it is gambling. It is more insidious as its gambling without the possiblity of winning anything real or ever recovering your investment.

Avi had posted a great question a while back about if the game is now P2W. My view on that is that the P2W ship sailed long ago in E&P. Atlantis is just maximising that reality.

Now I’m not saying don’t pay for gems to pull heroes. I am saying make sure you clearly understand how much you are paying and what you get in return.



In U.S. dollars the cost of the 10,000 gems is $100.
Easily converted to $1 per 100g
It’s surprising that they can make such an addicting game for people to be willing to pay these prices (including me).

I spent $8, got 3* Gato, 3* Gill-Ra, 5* Perseus, 3 old 3* and Bonus Drake Fong.

I will never do a 10x or 30x pull, I don’t like that much spent, and so far I have gotten really lucky with 3-6 individual pulls per event, from small purchases during events. Rainbow 5* team and 2 Hotm with my sights on getting 2 to tier 4 soon. Actually have 2 Drake Fong and 2 Guardian Panthers. Less than $200 over 6 months.

But yes buyer beware.

It really is insane how much money goes into these pulls. It’s why I just cant justify spending anymore.
Thankfully tc20 has been pretty good to me and i’m still finding fun in the game without spending money! I honestly didnt REALLY understand the math behind it till I saw your post on discord earlier! So crazy!!


I’ve spent on games in the past, more as a pay to enjoy a little more variety, not to win anything. As I progressed and learned more, and 3xpected this to be the same . Then I studied the heroes and 10 summon. I go to store and see E&P Gem prices. Had to dbl check a few times, said no way, they should only be half that for what you get. I closed the store and have Been free2play and still enjoy it.

Finally got VIP last month and wish I would have sooner as the 2nd builder and well priced, spread out gems feels prices right. Straight gems cost really feel they are 2-3 times higher than other games for what you get, or don’t get.

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It is actually illegal to pay more than a certain amount of dollars on online gaming from where I am, and I lower my spending cap too to make sure I spend within my means.

I always suggest it to my peers when they complain about consistent bad pulls, but the rage of getting crap when pulling and the mentality that Ive been unlucky once the next one will make up for it is what compels people to keep spending.

On the other hand, I completely agree that it is a gambling addiction, that I myself am completely guilty of. So many times we hear of people wanting to quit, but having invested the time and effort to get to where they are, it lures you back.

Disconnect your credit card from your account, make buying a hassle, and you may end up reconsidering every transaction.



Guess it depends on how much you can really afford and if you’re able to draw the line. I spent more money on this game in total than I can justify to myself spending on a game like this. But that amount is nothing knowing how much people spend here. I’ve never done a 10x pull because I never even remotely had that many gems and I know I can’t afford to be spending hundreds on a mobile game. That said, as a C2P, I think I’ve been fairly successful with pulls overall and I’m happy with what I assembled, even though I’ve only ever done several pulls at a time. Maybe singular pulls have more chance of success somehow?

There are several reasons I’m free to play with this game. The terrible odds, the very high cost, the huge number of worthless repeats or just worthless to begin with heroes. Every time I read about another player spending hundreds of dollars to receive garbage makes me hate this aspect of this game even more. Throw in the shady devs with the top secret drop rates and it’s almost enough to make me puke.


A help in determining if or how much you would wish to spend on this game:


A really nice thread. After reading this, I can’t even more imagine, why people spend on such a game. Before I’m willing to spend any money, I want to fully understand what I’m doing. After 9 months of playing and reading a lot in this forum, I’m sure that I do not fully understand every aspect about money investment in this game but I’m sure that I’m lucky to never spend any money for it.

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I heard Zero made 270 pulls to get Hel he wanted so much. I don’t even bother to count how much $ that is. On the other hand, TWO people in my alliance got her in first or second pull for free coins. And these are more casual type of players, who I think don’t even really fully understand or appreciate what they got. I wanted Hel too and my best pull was Ameonna. Maybe we should just stop wanting too much :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: I also got Proteus, so it’s almost like Hel :wink:


Its gambling in disguise. I really hope it will get flat out banned. This gacha thread is hilarious and the fact it got pinned is very telling. It doesn’t matter how you rationalize it this monetization model is abusive and its recognized among professionals. It would benefit everybody if iwas properly addressed.

Although top 100 is shooting at the moon for f2p (although @brobbs paw prints in the Sea of Tranquility prove it’s possible) it is still infinitely possible to enjoy this game for absolutely nothing.

Learn how to farm efficiently and maximise your chances of mats, be relevant in your alliance, share with the community.

Make peace with the odds and your rate of progress.

Lots of fun and interesting mental challenges to be had :blush:


That’s kinda like saying it’s possible to be a heroin addict without it having a negative effect on your life. Ya its possible but it doesn’t mean there isn’t something seriously wrong with it.

This only proves how much most of us love gambling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much about being in the top 100 or anything. It is the joy of getting something really nice from something uncertain. It is a feel good factor.

This is exactly like a slot machine. Many don’t gamble to become rich but rather gratifying feeling of winning. Mind you, it is highly addictive.

I’m not sure that’s what the addictive part is. A lot of gamblers get the adrenaline rush from the risk of loss. Look at all these random loot animations, same thing in all the games I can think of, there’s a shiny animation for a second or two before the loot pops out. Just like a slot machine.

And having watched someone play slot machines “just for fun” and end up with a serious casino problem I am very wary of gambling. Even now I have to explain to my 5yo kid why we won’t buy loot boxes in a Lego tablet game, and sadly, why I won’t buy the little random minifig baggies at the supermarket.

It is almost the same as a slot machine. You just don’t gain anything financially or tangible. It is a matter of gaining the feel good factor.

It is still nice to see your hero roster that you have a hero that most don’t.

Same as when I played Gacha machines in Tokyo. Trying with so many 300 yens just to get the anime character keychain that I wanted. So many dupes on the ones that you don’t want as usual. The keychain is actually for my wife.

As a student, I once went to a Casino. Found myself at the Roulette table sweating over half a dozen 2,5 Euro chips. Next to me was an older man. His chips were rectangular and huge compared to my little round plastic coins. Each chip was worth 10.000 euro and he had at least 10. And he played them like I played my 2,5 Euro chips.

I remember that moment distinctly. At that time and age for me, just one of those chips could have funded me a long backpack vacation that would have given me lifetime lasting memories. Or college money, books and rent for a whole year. And he just wasted one after the other - it wasn’t his winning streak that evening. I was disgusted at the waste of money. Yet that was his prerogative to do so, if he could afford it, and I could not stop him nor did I try to.

And so it is for this game. It also has been my prerogative to never visit a casino again and yet allocate a couple of euro’s a month to a game like this. As it can be yours to spend a lot more or nothing. We don’t always understand how people use their personal freedoms, but we do know it’s their prerogative to do so, and that’s just fine as long as no laws are broken and no harm is done?


But in some cases people spend money they (and/or their family) can’t afford, and there is harm done. We don’t know who they are, they probably aren’t the ones posting on the forums how many pulls they did. But just looking at the sheer numbers of pulls people are prepared to do raises big red flags for me.


Yes so true. Imagine how much more milk powder you can buy for your kid. Or even pay rent for some? Mortgage? Or something more basic like food perhaps.

It is still a paradox of value. It is the amount of satisfaction from spending so much. Only thing you can hope for is that it does not break your bank or compromise your life and your family’s.


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