The cost of changing alliances

I’m sure the answer is here somewhere but I’ve had a man look and can’t find it!

If I change to another alliance what do I lose in terms of war and titan chest progress?

I assume I keep titan chest as is but war rewards depend on the percentage of battles you participate in? So timing would be important?

We have developed a trainer team to our man in team and the trainer team needs help so I will join them for a bit but want to understand what loot I might lose when I move between alliances.

If you’re interested the trainer team is called Wayward Eagles and would suit players around level 20 to 40.
Our main team is called Wayward Pheonix


You don’t lose your Titan chest, but there’s a window of about half a day or so where you get downgraded rewards - called a cooldown

It looks like a timer on your chest

War chest stays with the alliance — as it’s a group effort

You share in the war chest of you new alliance, but at a diminished rate equal to your participation. Win or lose does matter — it’s done on number of wars, not points gained

You lose alliance chat, and the game doesn’t have a friends list or chat client; so need to use LINE to stay in touch

You can bounce between alliances without penalty, beyond the Titan cool down timer … which can be minimized with planning

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Thanks that’s really helpful… so if I have completed 5 wars for my current team, then pop across to another team for a war with them, when I come back to my main alliance is my war participation count still at 5 or does it reset?

If you leave your alliance your war chest is reseted.

I think that’s only if you participate in another alliance’s war. Otherwise all those Titan mercs are losing out on a lot.


Black and white


Yeah the dude wants to war else where aswell so it be reset if they did that. Thanks for the extra bit of info :slightly_smiling_face:

Right -so I might just help them with titans for a bit.


Ah right, I overlooked that bit about moving out of a training alliance.

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You can, in fact, even leave your alliance after matchmaking takes place, go merc somewhere, and come back before war starts and you’ll still get your hits that war.

However, if you return once the war has started you’ll have to watch from the sidelines, and your alliance starts off with six less flags. A recent opponent had this happen to them. Ouch!


That’s great to know and clearly it’s all about timing then

Ok the titan chest was suspended for 12 hours this time. (It wasn’t the first time) so there must be some rule about hitting titans between alliances within a certain time frame.
Really don’t understand how it works for the mercs if that’s the case.

You still get the rewards you get from killing a titan and the titan chest is rather lousy these days so killing more titans gives better rewards than collecting those chests.

Do you still get elemental chests as frequently - they are definitely worth getting!

Elemental chests will continue to tick over, in either of the three spots: monster, raid or titan chest. Although the loot rewards… Are not always great.

From my experience the War Chest participation is done by War Chest Points rather than number of Wars. I sat out a war last month and our team lost, so when we reached 25 War Chest Points, i was given credit for 96% participation 24/25 rather than say 89% for participating in 8 out of 9 wars.

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