The constant critiques

Reading every gripe on the forum about one thing or another is just turning into white noise. I think the day in which SG starts to completely ignore player feedback is fast approaching if it has not already occurred. Please take the time to properly research whether your question/comment/complaint has been properly discussed before posting something new/duplicate. Otherwise, maybe consider that you dont know what you are talking about or at the very least that you are doing a disservice to the rest of the community. SG clearly cares about their player base, the game, and where their business is headed so believing anything to the contrary is just wrong.


But…I did 3 pulls and got no 5* or hotm!! This is madness!!1!1!11!!


This is pretty normal on most any forum. There are ALWAYS people complaining.
It’s a given! :joy:


Would love some examples


No come on. You know better than that. :smile:


Honestly, I am sick of hearing the complaints about draws. It technically goes against forum etiquette because it is not new.

Odds are odds. SG isn’t cheating anyone.

I know internet forums are rife with stupidity and negativity but I agree. Too much and the baby gets tossed out with the bathwater.


Not sure how many online games that you have played but I have a lot under my belt and the amount of support offered with E&P is substantial and engaging.

-Frequent and interesting additions to content
-transparency with what is coming and follow through with full beta support.
-constant rework of mechanics not deemed fair by the community (war pairings, hero adjustments, rewards for “botched” content).

I can go on and on but I hope I’ve made my point.


hahahah yes i think so hahahahahahahahahahh

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Frequent additions of content = $$$$, has nothing to do with caring about players. It’s a business. They’re here to make money, not provide a community service. They have made that crystal clear on many occasions and continue to do so.

Transparency of what’s coming: players literally get punished for sharing what’s coming so idk what “transparency” you speak of

Most of the mechanics they rework are failed mechanics that should have been fixed pre release. Wars for example.

I’m a 9 to 5 blue collar every day working stiff and even i knew matching alliances by alliance score for wars was a bad idea and pointed it out well over a month before release. If i can notice these flaws ahead of time, surely millionaire degree having game developers can notice these flaws ahead of time right?

That would mean they either ignore them or are too busy pushing out products on a deadline chasing the almighty dollar to really stop and think “is this a good idea?”

Individual players aka mercs: you claim they care so much about their player base, yet they’ve done everything they can outside of banning accounts to push these players away from the game.

To be clear:

Does SG care about their player base? Yes to an extent but it’s a numbers game, we see players, they see debit carda

Is sg transparent about what’s coming? No. They give you a hint but if you find out more than that or share more than that then you can expect repercussions

full beta support, plenty of examples where they have disregarded feedback from beta players and if their “full beta support” was so succesful then they wouldnt have to worry about post release nerfs and buffs

-rewards for botched content. I’m guessing you mean wars being canceled after already starting for millions of players and already having a past history of technical problems in wars after players have already spent countless dollars and hours trying to compete in this feature that either didnt work 2 or more weeks out of a month or had such bad matches for a majority of the population that it wasn’t even worth looking forward to, if that would have went ignored, we would still be hearing about it

There are examples that have actually happened and not just theoretical examples. When i argue, i like facts not theories.

Could go on as well but i have stuff to do.

Btw any customer base that doesnt critique a business or compain about high prices and faulty products, is just begging to be ripped off.

Do they read the complaints in this forum? I’m sure they do and it keeps them more honest than they would be if we didnt

Many of the features and implementations you see in this game stem from complaint threads in this forum

They’re even taking a poll to see how they should fix a past complaint

Tired of reading or not, complaints have helped a lot in this game and will continue to do so. They are much needed.

If you don’t like what you’re reading, read a different thread. Same thing i tell people when they complain about what’s on television, not hard to change the channel


I know that people have different opinions. Some player think the game is great SGs work is great and other player think the game is ■■■■. Whatever you think it’s not false, it’s just your point of view. If you have a lot of money and no problem with gambling, then, maybe you really like this game. I’m sure that something vital is missing, something for everyone who wants to play this game over a long period of time.


I think too they care of their customers, but i guess our best feedback is still the cash flow, not a topic on a forum for sure.
Maybe sometimes they take something good from it, but it’s more to give the illusion of give us some kind of power to change something.

So duplicate or not, interesting or not, thats not really important.
I really like this game, but it’s pretty obvious what kind of game it is right now. And it’s pretty obvious there’s only one reason push them making something new.

Be propositive or just whine over and over on the same things are really not that different for them.

It’s just more fun for us who write in it to read something new rather then the same old stuff.


Practice what you preach @Eddard

Idk how many public forums you use, but i at least try to attempt not to be hypocritical. The threads and posts above were easily found by searching “complaint”

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And now you see part of my point :winkyslyfaceindicatingcomrades4life#whyareyoustillreadingthis:

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Do i enjoy reading the same complaints day in and day out? No so i simply choose not to read them and i try to point duplicates out to moderators so they can be merged.

That’s just my approach and seems more proactive than a complaint thread about complaints

But it wasn’t for nothing as it has got responses and any thread or post that draws any kind of response is typically somewhat productive or proactive in some way

Not trying to discourage any future posts or threads. I just get into argument/debate mode and well I dont like to lose lol

Thanks for the thread


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