The “Claim All” button in the TCs...what was the point?

So one of the updates included a “Claim All” button when collecting feeders and heroes for us to bypass collecting one by one, but they both still do the same thing which force us to collect all of our heroes once we opt to collect them. Why not make the original button set to where we can collect one by one and stop when we are done and leave the remaining when we aren’t ready to use them while the “Claim All” button allows us to collect all, both still collects all essentially making the updated button pointless.


I agree,… 20 claims characters


Recently, I power leveled 2.5x 5* 1.1 heroes to 5* 4.80 - several different accounts - and I love the new “Collect All” button.

It saved me a lot of time and button presses.

As far as I can tell, it is aimed at Elder users that are power leveling 5* 1.1 heroes in a few hours.


Love that button. I have a TC with more than 1,000 food heroes. Mega useful.


I love the “Claim All” option but you can still collect one at a time if you want to


I think the collect all button was a good QOL improvement. But I get your point. Why I see no use for me to collect less heroes than possible, a combination of both could fix it: If you click on the icon of your TC you collect one and have to options: One “Collect”-Button if you only want to collect one hero, no further will heroes will be collected in this case. And one collect all button…


You don’t actually collect one at a time though, you still collect all one at a time, which makes the two buttons redundant.


This. Exactly this.

Love it

Now if we can get dump all and collect all buttons for recruits/trainings I’ll be even happier


It does save button presses (and animation time) if you have a bunch of heroes waiting, but for small numbers there’s the redundant “collect” screen after pressing collect all.

I do think that could be gotten rid of if you press collect all. Which I think was the OP’s point.


I know you’re a long time veteran, but many don’t know you can hold down the + to rapidly add to training (or crafting).

A “use all” or similar would be great though. Prevents the annoying “you don’t have the resources” dialog from holding down + too long.


Totally agree. Both buttons do the same as the result, except one is with animations and the other is without.


Once u can hold 300 recruits, even holdin the + or - buttons down isn’t fast enough to move recruits imo


The “Collect All” button is useful for 1* / 2* / 3* heroes. The Devs make little money of them.

And 4* / 5* if you have the complete set of Classic 4* / Classic 5* heroes. The Devs are unlikely to change Legendary training.


I still do not have green 5* Lianna. So the Devs want me to get excited, then be disappointed, every time I collect Legendary training.

Gacha freemium games are based on the casino model, so the Devs want the original button to be very similar to summons which has been carefully adjusted over years to maximize income.

I was happy, but very surprised, when the “Collect All” button was added. Especially with the leaked Hero Academy, I expected the Devs to resist the idea.


loot box mechanics

30x summons

Technically you can skip the summons animation by repeatedly tapping the screen during a 10x or 30x summons, but you still have to tap once per hero.


I agree.

Especially when I am moving thousands, or ten thousands of recruits.

But the game is designed around micro transaction summons. Redesigning training camps is not in the Devs best interest.


I agree with everyone that favors this new button, it makes life much easier when there are tons of recruits to be received, But the only improvement I like to see on this is : I see collect all when there is just one to be collected, the collect all button should be triggered only when there are 2 or more to be collected.

Hi all,… of course the claims all button is usefull… the main case OP is why is still there the collect button which is actually the same functional collect all (only skipping the visual)?
Why not the other option is only once.
So claim all -> all feeder without seeing visual
Clain once -> only collect one feed and stop even there are still hundred of feeder is ready.


Your assertion is so apt… SG up to you to fire a counter

Who just eats 1 feeder at a time though?


well okay… duh :man_facepalming:
Correct,… and most usable future should be minus all and pluss all to recruits! I agree :ok_hand: :sweat_smile:


But I guess the two buttons work differently, the old OK for claiming one by one and the new "claim all " for instant claiming all, both are needed anyway.

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