The children of the small giant

Once upon a time, there was a small giant who had 20 children. Their names were Isarnia, Magni, Richard, Thorne, Azlar, Elena, Marjana, Khagan, Lianna, Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall, Domitia, Sartana, Quintus, Obakan, Joon, Vivica, Leonidas and Justice.

As the months and seasons went by, the small giant got more and more children. Some of them were just babies - only a few months old, but still incredibly powerful. And the small giant no longer loved his older creations. He would only teach his new family members the newest skills and give them the best equipment.

“Why do you hate me, father?”, said Obakan, but received no response. The small giant was an evil stepfather to some and a loving parent to others.

But the children were not living in peaceful times. They had to fight in order to survive, sometimes they were even fighting against each other. Since the older children were not trained and equipped as well as the younger ones, they were really struggling in battles. But their father, the small giant, did not care. He just wanted to have more and more younger children who were getting stronger and stronger.

One day the small giant decided to give two of his strongest children, Killhare and Lepus, the best equipment in the world. No one was happy about it. The small giant scratched their equipment a little in an attempt to calm down everyone but that equipment was still on a whole new level. Killhare and Lepus could easily destroy all of their siblings in battles. And the small giant was planning to give the best equipment only to his most powerful children.

His oldest 20 children, who were the most loyal to him, were becoming weaker and weaker in comparison to their younger brothers and sisters. At the same time the younger children with the best equipment had such a big impact on the world that they could even destroy the small giant himself.

What would be the next chapter of the story: will the small giant do the right thing by loving his children equally, or will he allow his younger children to destroy his world?


Knowing the all-father, the answer is simple… Harakiri.

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Apparently willfully.


Good, good, but don’t omit the part about the small giant’s addiction to gold!


That’s a good one. I don’t know how I missed it!

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@JonahTheBard I don’t think this thread fits the community content category. It’s not a fan-fiction story, but a critique of the direction the Devs are taking.


It’s great satire though.

I guess I was hoping it could continue with more allegory as we have a dearth of creative writing at the moment.

But feel free to change it back :slightly_smiling_face:


Money is destroying this great game, no matter what people say.

Had a serious length text prepared here but what’s the point when SG does not take players’ feedback seriously? Nothing much that has not been already said…

This story you just shared with us @D_DI summarises everything perfectly.

PS: Nice to hear from you, old friend :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, I will move it to general discussion if it becomes negative.

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The small giant always promises that he would make his intentions clear to everyone and communicate better, but unfortunately, this only remains a promise…

P.S. Nice to see you @TribL, hope you are well!


Money is for Zynga like oxigen is for humans.


Hah nice post. Sadly those children cannot make a lot of money, so it´s better to leave the game unbalanced and disappointing.

Like precious rare expensive oxygen maybe?

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very well-written! kudos :slight_smile:


The children all became sad because the Little Big man kept disappearing for periods of time. Days, weeks, he abandoned his family and left them to squabble amongst themselves.

Little did they know that he was travelling to the next town where his other family lived. That family got all the best weapons; not archaic swords and axes, but howitzers and grenade launchers. They didn’t ride goats, they rode tanks.


Thank you for the inspiration @Conjurer:

Once upon a time, when the small giant only had 20 children, he would let people from the village watch his children’s battles. The villagers liked his children so much that they would even watch them farm. Sometimes the small giant would be gifted some gold from the richest villagers who were really enjoying the “gladiator games”.

Once he saw the potential in these battles, the small giant started organising more and more events where villagers could watch his children fight. And he was getting a lot of gold for them.

Zynga, the queen of the kingdom, also heard about these events and was really impressed by the small giant’s strategy. One day she offered him a new house - an offer he could not refuse. However, in return for the house, the queen insisted that the small giant would organise more battles and would share his earnings with her.

The small giant became incredibly rich and developed an addiction to gold - the main reason he wanted to make his strongest children even stronger.

But the small giant did not consider that the villagers would not pay to watch how his most powerful children with the best equipment in the world were destroying their oldest siblings. In fact, most villagers supported the oldest 20 children and wanted them to be equal.

But did the small giant realise that?


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