The cheap re-skins feel insulting

Am I the only one who feels a bit insulted at how many of the Season 3 Heroes are nothing more than reskins of certain low-level Classic Heroes? Seriously, they are 98% identical. The only thing different is hair color and star level.

Overall, I think the environment, the story, and… everything, about Season 3 feels like a huge step-down.

Atlantis, (Season 2), was at least part of the same world as Season 1. Season 3 insists that this is an alternate universe, which to me feels out of place in this sort of fantasy story.

If anything, Season 3 should also have been “across the ocean”, just as 2 was, and the various Classic Plant and Ice heroes that look 99% IDENTICAL to their Season 3 counterparts could be explained away by saying they are the descendants of a group of vikings that sailed onto the Empire’s land long ago. Just as how Samurai from Atlantis are found on the Season 1 land.

The Classics NEED to integrated into their families, and the Season 3 should NEVER have been made from outside the same universe.

P.S. STOP having Classic Heroes on the Atlantis summon. Do you have any idea how stupid it looks to have a non-Atlantis hero come out of the distinct Atlantis gate? I don’t care if it’s a 5-star Hero, it is NOT an Atlantis one. I didn’t save up all my Atlantis Coins for a Classic. Same goes for Valhalla coins.

Okay, rant is over.


Can you give examples, I can’t think of any particularly?


For his precise name, I will have to wait for the next Viking Hero draw, but you can see him as the Viking Bandit in Province 1 Stage 4 in Season 4.

And the guy he’s ripped off from is the Mercenary Enforcer from early forest maps and certain Special Quests. The Classic Hero is Two-star named Brogan.

And that is just ONE example. There is also Brand and Sigrunn, both 1-Star Ice Heroes from Season 1.

Do I really need to show more? Or are you and the people who up-voted you really that blind?

You don’t need to, but I’m interested if you do know more.

Ah ok, I thought this meant heroes you can summon, rather than map enemies

Wow, that sounded a little aggressive, I meant no offense with my question.


Sweeping generalisations like…

would suggest you’ve gathered data to support such a statement. Else it is false or speculation.

Guilty as charged - I don’t see it sorry :sob:.

Yes please. Screen shots would be better to support your views.



If you are so unhappy with the way the game is going, why are you still playing it?

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I think you are reading too much into it. Where is it stated that season 3 is an alternate Universe?

They are not heroes, they are map enemies.

Who are the reskin?

Well, this thread escalated quickly. I’ve noticed some similarities with Brogan map enemies or miniature Aegir enemies on map stages but i don’t understand why its so upsetting.

Resources being what they are at small(ish) companies you sometimes don’t always have them to create new sprites or necessarily go back and change them until much later.

Would I like to see unique enemies not based off heroes I can get? Sure!

Is it insulting? No, not really.

Most games, especially RPGs (e&p having many rpg elements) re-skin their enemies. So I expected that and don’t think the ones I’ve seen so far are that egregious.

But I came into this thread expecting Aife/Jill or Sabina/Hawkmoon-esque hero re-skins and was disappointed :confused:

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