The chat system doesn't support paragraphs any more

The newest version.18.0.0 build 875 for Android.
hope you will fix it

I used to have scripts for in-game chat, notifications for my alliance, advertising and recruitment, etc.

They used to be formatted to look “professional” with carriage returns and the like.

All that is gone with the new update. What gives?

Is this the same bug that was reported here?

Also, my impression is that it was always that way on iOS. Do you by chance use Android? I’m wondering if the change is that Android now behaves the same way iOS used to.

Yeah, I had some important announcements to make today (it has points, because things were for different members), and it just looks horrible and unreadable

PLEASE return back our paragraphs :slight_smile:

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Eliminating paragraphs and color texts would be a blessing in my opinion. The opinion isn’t a liked one though.


I was designing a lot of rewritten advertises and other text for the game and it took a lot of time and work to finish these. I’m a graphic designer and this was always a great fun for me and all our members. If this option is not brought back, it would be a great loss for us. I am not sure if I can accept that change. Please bring back the option of using paragraphs. Thanks!

I use paragraphs and line breaks to make announcements in my alliance. I love that feature because they make them easy to read.

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I’m guessing it’s not high on their priority list.

Android people can’t have nice things.

Same here. Please SG, fixe this bug. We, recruiters, use paragraphs all the time.
Can’t be removed like this. I read a lot of french recruiters who complain about it. Some of them are in the same situation that Corvus, up here.
Please, do something about it

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I always thought that was an IOS restraint. Agree with @Rigs though, that it might be refreshing. While some use good sense, some people use advertisements that roll a whole screen up.

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2 examples of destroyed messages…

Some people doing something in the wrong way isn’t a reason to cancel the right of others doing it right…
I don’t like recruiters messages that take the whole space of my phone screen. I just tell them…

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Agree love bright hard on the eyes long as hell recruiting ads. It’s great and works wonders too

Oh wait it’s the same people recruiting in AR daily. Guess they don’t work as well as i thought.

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I wish you have a short black and white life, Rigs. This way, you won’t have to endure bright colors for a long time… :roll_eyes:
Don’t bother to reply. I don’t want to read people like you… They make me sad.

Also, is there a way to disable move hints

Hey folks,

I’ve seen some recruiters using paragraphs again in the global chat. How is that possible? I tried a lot, but it is not displayed as I can read it on all devices anymore. I’m really sad about that issue and I hope anyone will help to fix this problem.

Thanks so far!

I just saw that this issue is fixed with the new update and that made my day!

Thanx a lot! That is amazing! :smiley:

Thanks SmallGiant for having this bug fixed so quickly.

Since the last update, the copy-paste is not working as well as it used to. I’m talking about pasting code to alliance chat.
Earlier the pasted text replaced tabs as spaces but now they are gone. So everything just becomes an unreadable mess.
Could you please investigate this?

I suspect this is the same issue as this, since it seems like a change in how whitespace other than spaces (e.g. tabs and line breaks) are displayed:

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