The challenge events are monopolized by wu Kong


If you take a look at the ranking of intermediate event you will notice that 9 /10 team have wu Kong

On all challenge events the speed is crucial for the ranking making wu Kong essential.

Therefore i think these events are basically unfair


The good thing about WuKong is that he is a 4* hero available as a standard hero. So everybody can get him using TC13/TC20/tokens.


How is this unfair? I’m baffled.


This is unfair to link every event to one single heros


But you can get him too.
He’s in the standard set of the game.
Available for all.
Just a matter of running TC13/TC20 enough.


Sure but it is not the point here. I think that No heros should be essential for the challenge


I didn’t use Wu Kong in the event. And I HAVE Wu Kong.


He isnt essential for completion by any means. He is essential for placing well though.

Some heros will always be better than others though.

Its not that I dont understand your point of view. I just dont agree with it. As long as the hero is available as a standard 4* hero, I dont see the problem.

Athena on the other hand! Dont get me started haha!


Event, titans, even raids.

Already stated by many that we need another similar hero (not limited time, please)


My wife got Wu from tc13, so in my eyes the event was fair game. Intermediate is a level where you should be between tc13 and tc20. Small Giant cannot please everyone.


Trust me I think a lot of things are off about the events, but needing wu Kong to place good isn’t one of them. Like others have said, he is standard, pretty easy to get really…so don’t really see the issue here


I used Wu and his buff lasts so long and some as Gwen charge so fast that firing Wu and combo had often undesirable consequences. Once I missed dispel with both Sabina and Caedmon. So he’s great to clear mobs in first round, not so great against later bosses on advanced difficulty.


The arguement can be made that wukong is the best hero in the whole game specifically for titans and these timed events. Whether that is fair is debatable, but he definitely is a game changer.


How is this unfair? Everyone has the opportunity to summon heroes or train them for that matter.


WuKong is not ony team. I have him, but don’t depend on him.


WuKong plays well in the events when fighting the bosses so no reason to NOT use him. That is, until we get to a yellow reflect event. :dizzy_face:


Ok ‘unfair’ was maybe inappropriate but for high damage in a time challenge (like titan) you must admit that this is the hero to have in 4* to be ranked (not to win).
So if you don’t have it, it will be very hard to rank in the event (just take a look at the ranked team).
Everyone want wu Kong for that and for titan in ,it s not a secret.


(It’s interesting: All “must have” heroes get nerfed. If “everyone” depends on him as you say, eventually he will be brought low.)

To the issue at hand: I don’t have WuKong, but I don’t think it’s unfair that others do. I’m glad this is a hero that can be procured by token or Training Camp.




Edit: cough I mean, he’s just a fun character to play with. I enjoy the gamble and the big damages. I don’t enjoy being stuck on a wave after a brilliant combo trying to 1-gem kill that 20hp mob standing on the side for 5 rounds though cough


It is entirely possible to complete the event without Wu Kong. So wh6 do nearly all top teams have him? Because he hugely increases variance. That critical Sartana strike? Whoops, sorry, you missed. Of, wait, it hits for nearly 3x damage. When you replay a level many times, having a big variance means that some times you will get a spectacular score.