The case of disappearing board tile / Empty, missing or blank tile

So there I was… Just routinely completing the mission of not having to fight any more kappas. Yes, the kappas mission. Which I am also doing for the the Gashadokuro of not having any more of these… So 14-9… On wave 3 of 4… Tiles 5hat formed the dragon shield tiles seemed to explode kind of strangely. Then boss wave started, and this showed up.


Yes, a piece of the tiles gone. Almost if finger snapped away by Thanos. Game still continued and I can see tiles got blocked by the missing space (like the ice cubes during winter event).

The game went back to normal after the stage ended. But that was weird.


Looks interesting despite being a bug. Were you able to move the empty space or was it blocked? :thinking:

Linking a couple other times I’ve seen this reported:

In the case of that top one, it turned out there was a specific tile in the hole, it just wasn’t visible.

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There is a blank space in the top row that did not refill after I made a match.

This has been happening a BUNCH most have found there IS a tile there what color is NOT shown but it will match if you try the right 1

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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