The case for (or against) non-Season 1 Epic dupes

I am the exact opposite. I decided early to try and do this no dupes. I keep 5* dupes for hero academy, but only level 1. Keeps things like ToL, wars, and NT interesting though! :crazy_face:


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I have 3 Jackals and will use one on my main holy team(sometimes would use 2 but stripped one for Francine) and usually use 2 together for war cleanup team. I’ll use 2 Proteuses together for rush tournaments. Also have 3 costume Rigards I use for wars. Any other 4* dups pretty much only get used for Taverns or Ninja Tower.

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33 maxed 5*, 51 maxed 4* here.

I have dupes of the following 4*, all of whom I still use regularly–

cRigard (both with 19 emblems)
Brynhild (18 & 17 emblems)
cKiril (1-18 emblems)
Wilbur (1-20 emblems)
BT (1-20 emblems)
Hansel (1-18 emblems)
Proteus (1-19 emblems)

I have a second Mist, who will go up eventually, and still have two Protei at 1-1, but have fed all my other dupe 4*. Would love to get a 2nd Jackal. Don’t see keeping any other 4* beyond those. With emblems and costume boni, those listed are at least 4-5*, if not 5* quality heroes. I still use them all the time, especially in wars and ToL/Tower.

the only Dupe 5* I have are Seshat, because she’s awesome. :slight_smile:

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I might not be the best person to ask, as I’m FTP and have only ever pulled a handful of non-S1 4* heroes…

luckily most of the dupes I’ve pulled have been of quite good heroes, so I’ve kept them all. No second thoughts.

  • 2x Proteus (I occasionally will use both together in 4* tournaments)
  • 2x Valeria (mostly useful for field aid wars, so I can have one on each mono Blue team I run; and fun to bring along against multiple-healer defenses in raids)
  • 2x Hansel (I occasionally will use both together in 4* tournaments, or against double/triple bosses in Challenge Events where bringing Proteus isn’t a good option)
  • 2x Lady Woolerton (great having a 2nd Yellow healer for War/Ninja Tower, and I don’t have any other Yellow healers AT ALL)

and of course, all of them are useful for Wars so I can have 2 ready mono teams per color.

Also 2x Jack O’Hare, now this one could be arguable. But he has a high attack stat and is fast mana despite the self-defense debuff, so I’m keeping the dupe - could come in handy in Ninja Tower. The first one often makes it onto my 2nd Green team for War, but I doubt the 2nd one will.

What I don’t know is whether I would keep dupes of less desirable heroes such as Agwe or Gobbler. Roster space is becoming expensive. I probably would not, as the first copies barely get any use anyway… but I’ll have a better answer if I ever do pull a dupe of these :wink:


Don’t discount your opinion/play style just because you’re FTP!

I really created this post to see how different play styles make use of dupes…and which heroes they deem dupe worthy.

I think it’s great to see FTP responses along side CTP etc. As well as the different choices people make based on how long they’ve played.

I know some people who leveled 5 Rigards for their war teams and refuse to get rid of any, while other players out grow their dupe 4s as they accumulated 5-star heroes.

I feel like I’m at a transition as I have started growing my 5-star roster and have duplicate 4-stars that I thought I’d use, but now wonder if it is worth keeping and leveling them for those few occasions where they “might” be useful.

Thank you for sharing how and who you use in duplicate :grinning:

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thank you! glad to chime in, and thanks for being so open/encouraging towards all opinions :slight_smile:

I do recognize myself in the “outgrow dupe 4s ad 5s come along”. I have 2 maxed Grimms, used to use both for War. But now that Isarnia has come along, I rarely use 2nd Grimm anymore. Of course, both are S1 heroes… but if I ever pull, say, Hel, I can imagine that 2nd Proteus will get much less use in Wars. (will still keep him though! will still be great for a lot of content :slight_smile: )

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Me too! Except my extra roster spots are up to 400 gems.

A while back, I had been trying to keep every 4* I had. I was holding onto hope for Hero Academy. When it became apparent it wasn’t going to matter I fed down to two dupes of anyone. Then it became just one dupe of S1 4*'s and just recently I’ve fed away almost all my unleveled S1 4* dupes. I figure that if any of them get an ah-MAZE-ing costume and I want dupes again they’ll come pretty easily in time.

With SGG buffing heroes every now and then I’m still holding two dupes of S2, S3, Seasonal, and Event heroes because they can be so hard/expensive to get. But when the time comes for the next culling, most of those S2’s are gonna get fed pretty fast. When am I ever going to use two Ameonna, or Gobbler, or Danzo??

#FunFact: To date, I’ve fed away 437 4* heroes.


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