The case for (or against) non-Season 1 Epic dupes

I wanted to get feedback from the community on what 4-stars you actually use two (or more) of in your roster…specifically non-season 1 heroes.

I have found myself over the past two years accumulating multiple of event and seasonal epic heroes just because of those what if scenarios…

Maybe I’ll bleed that random green team to death with 3 Valerias or really defense down that purple team with 4 G.Jackals :crazy_face:

I’m sure I’m not the only one who hesitates to discard heroes that at one time you really wanted…but didn’t really want 4 copies, so who do you deem dupe worthy?

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Personally i would level

Hansel at least 2

Jackal 2 or 3

Proteus at least 2

Gilinbursti, Mist x2

Ametrine probably 2

Obviously it depends on everyone roster and deep of other heroes.


To be fair, that first thread should be dead and buried… It is quite outdated and doesn’t touch on event, seasonal, or even season two and three heroes. And it’s not quite the question I was getting at.

I want to hear updated info on who people actually use duplicates of and how.

Totally agree with most of those… But do you actually use multiple jackals?

I would use them for war depth and maybe for epic corelia. I only have 1 (titans, raids and wars)

Hansel (wars)
Jackal (titan,war and events)
Gilinbursti (war and events) Hard lvls and Ninja tower
Ametrine (wars)
Proteus (war, events)

That kind of hits at my point… I have multiple jackals and held onto them because I thought it might be useful… But I haven’t found myself with the need to actually take the time to level them.

Basic info: 16 fully level 5 stars, 12 four stars with at least 18 emblems.

Season 2:
I have fed away Agwe, Ameonna, Gobbler.
I have, but don’t use Danza, Gadeirus. Both are at 3/60 and were used when I lacked war depth. Haven’t touched either in a while.
I don’t have Proteus, but would level 2 if I had him.
I have Triton and Sumi leveled, but barely use either. C-Sonya > Triton. Other season 1 reds are useful.
I have a Wilbur duplicate, but rarely use it. Wilbur is the only 4 star Atlantis hero I have with emblems currently.

Season 3:
Almur and Mist are my favorite two from season 3. I’d take several Almurs but only have one. I one Mist leveled, but will level a second after Jackal.
Gullinbursti: would gladly take a second. He was very helpful for Ninja.
Jott and Mireweave have their uses. I’d keep two, but don’t need them.

I only got Jackal and Falcon today and would gladly take dupes. I’d also add Hansel and Peters to the list of who I want.

I have and use 2x Buddy.
I would use Gafar (unfortunately I have 2x Jabbar) in field aid wars if I had him.
I have 2x unleveled Franks and would take 2x Valeria.

If I had to pick my top 5 duplicate five stars it would be:
Jackal, Almur, Falcon, Mist, Hansel.
Honorable mention to Buddy.

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My dups,…
Classic but costume, so it is not availabel from TC, only available from Costume Chamber:

  • 3x Kiril.C
  • 3x Rigard.C
  • 2x Boldtusk.C
  • 2x Tiburtus.C
  • 2x Sonya.C
  • 2x Cadmon.C
  • 2x Grimm (not costume)
  • 2x Scarlett (not costume)


  • 2x Proteus, plan to add more
  • 2x Wilbur


  • 2x Mist, plan to add more
  • 2x Gullinburtsi, 1x on the way
  • 2x Brynhild
  • Would level as many Almur as I can get, but none.


  • 3x Jackal, will add more if I can get it
  • 3x Hansel
  • 1x Falcon, but would to level dups if I can get it


  • 1x Buddy, 1x on the way
  • Plan to max 2 or 3 Frank
  • 1x Valeria, plan to level the 2nd

EDIT: Gato and Rudolph are not epic,… I remove from the list.

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This is an important part of this discussion. The costume bonuses can turn mediocre 4 stars into a hero you’ll use more than non season 1.

Edit: I’ve found this especially true for 3 star heroes.


So true! And yes…the 3*s are a whole different story - especially in tourneys.

I’ve had a similar experience with the S2 heroes as you have, though I did end up with a few proteus’s (?) I definitely use two of them together but can’t see using more.

Similarly I had 3 Wilburs, but fed all but one away after months of only finding the need for the one.

Do you use your multiple jackals or hansels on the same team?
Same question with Mist and Bryn…

Sometimes I use double jackal in Raid/War team. But In Titan I always use 2x Jackal, because my other yellow is not as high attack stat as Jackal.
My yellow titan team: Wilbur - Jackal - Jackal - Joon.C - Miki
The other jackal use is for war with other teams yellow.

Hansel yes, sometimes use 2-3 in one teams together, so usefull 3 enemies controlled mana.

Mist pair well with Jackal, because brutal ailment defdown from special. At least we have additional defdown, because normal defdown yellow is so hard to get (Viv.C and White Rabbit, both I don’t have it).
I also try double Mist for fun and great result.

Brynhild affect only nearbly, so I use them both flank in attack green teams, specially to boost mana slow heroes like Little John and Alby.

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My roster, for comparison… I have 25 maxed 5* heroes and 55 maxed 4* heroes. There are others I would level dupes of like Mist, Peters, Almur, but my roster is at a point where dupe 4* heroes don’t really help me anymore. For non-S1 hero dupes that I’ve leveled,

Purple - Proteus (With Alfrike, I don’t really use Proteus anymore except for 4* tourneys and events)
Yellow - Jackal, Gretel (Although I haven’t used both Gretel’s in a long time)
Blue - Triton (Same as Gretel, I really don’t use either anymore)
Green - Buddy
Red - Wilbur (I only use 1 Wilbur though. I have mono red teams, one is specific to AoE, one is specific to snipers)

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Okay, make sense.
I have 21 maxed 5* (+ 2x on the way) and 67 maxed 4* heroes.
I play since Feb 2019 Kunchen HOTM.

Wilbur - I was do not have any red to level, and do level him plan for Ninja and Tavern.
Proteus - I do not have Alfrike, and I like my 2xProtues+19 with only mana level17.
Triton, I have one maxed, and one 3.60, I also rarely use Triton, so the 2nd Triton is stay at 3.60 for long time.
Buddy - I think I still want to level dups, because defdown and sturdy, specially Ninja Tower needs more green, because many blue mobs wave.
Jackal - very fast really great for tournament bloody battle, and war.

EDIT: I agree, some of 4* heroes don’t really help any more. So it depend on rosters, playstyle etc.

Really depends on the epic hero for me. I fed away every dupe copy of Gobbler I got because I just didn’t see a point.

Duplicate Wilburs though? I gladly kept the two I got, and I would keep a 3rd and possibly even 6 of him easily. He’s just that good of an epic hero.

Some I was a bit iffy on, like Lancelot. For him, I kept a dupe that I never got around to leveling. Until Brynhild was released that is, then I just fed the dupe Lancelot away because she does the thing I like about their skills better.

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I understand what you mean here. Because of the rarity of pulling these 4*, it’s sometimes hard to know which to keep.

I have 2 Wilbur and will hold the 2nd just because he’s so hard to get and I will eventually like a 2nd. I believe I fed a 3rd away, as I didn’t see using him. I use Wilbur/BT so much as a pair in 3/2 either primary or secondary color, and I have 2 BT, so the 2nd Wilbur will be leveled at some point for wars / ToL / Ninja if nothing else.

I have 2 Hansel max, and I rushed the 2nd when I realized how badly I needed him in war. Use him every war. Not at the same time usually, but spread around to have more teams with a mana control option.

I have 2 Proteus, and I will be maxing the 2nd when I’m done with a purple 5* I’m working.

Like others in the thread, I’d also max a second version of:

  • Mist
  • Almur
  • Gullin
  • Falcon
  • Jackal
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My roster 33 Maxed 5*, 60 Maxed 4*. There aren’t many 4*'s I use outside of Challenge Events.

My only 4* dupes:

  • Grimm (was used a lot for Trials early on, but I’ve outgrown him now)
  • C.Melandor (Mel#1+20 is my primary mono Green team healer, and Mel#2+20 makes a second mono Green team feasible).
  • Mist (I’ve used two in Raid Tourneys multiple times)
  • Falcon (Thought a second might be useful in a second mono Red team, but in practice I’ve never used him)
  • Mireweave (Thought stacks might be a bigger thing than they seem to be, you really need a long battle for them to make an impact. Only used a couple times)
  • C.Rigard (Rig#1+20 is right there with Mel my most used 4* heroes. I’m not quite there on a second mono Purple team and Cleric emblems are in high demand but Rig#2 will be ready to answer the call someday.)

Ninja Tower has changed my perspective on key dupes, especially healers, I want more.
Gullinbursti was a rock-star in the Tower so I’ve queued up Bursti#2 along with Boldtusk#2, Kiril#2, and Proteus#2.

I pulled four Franks from Morlovia and have one maxed. I could see multiple Franks being useful in a Rush Attack Raid Tournament, so I might max another one or two of them after current Blue projects.

I’m not far from getting Justice & Glenda to 3-70 and maxing Valeria, after which I will have maxed or soft-capped at 3-70 all 160 unique heroes on my roster. So I essentially have nothing to level except dupes until I decide one of the 3-70’s is worth the Mats to max.

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I’m a compulsive hoarder, and I struggle to feed away any dupe of a hero I like. This is especially true of event heroes.

But my roster expansions cost 250 gems now, so I really need to clear out some space… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I absolutely agree about Ninja Tower! I didn’t see much of a difference with TOL, but those fifty ninja floors definitely make you re-assess needed heroes. At one time during a very long hero drought, I ended up leveling 5 Rigards for fun, and all of them came in very handy for NT. Proteus and Hansel are the only other 4*s that I have multiple leveled copies (seriously, mana control is :crown:).

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