The bug that turned out to be a fix – riposte on a killing blow

Let’s see… What’s next?

Continuing the discussion from Version 15 Releases Notes:

[A clarification for those not knowing what this is about: riposte heroes (Boril, Cyprian and the likes) always (for as long as any of us remebers, anyway) reflected damage also on a killing blow. Well, it just got sorted out. -Ish. There’s a little more to it.]

Right. I understand the logic behind a dead hero not actually being able to counter-attack (an exception would be Cyprian, who’s obviously some sort of undead being (jk)), but we’re not really talking about logic here. (Then again – if we are: in fencing riposte is an attack made after a parry, not after getting hit. So…)

Riposte heroes reflecting damage on the killing blow against them – bug or not – has been an integral part of the riposte mechanics for as long as I can remember. I don’t really get how a feature/bug like this could go unnoticed by the developers for such a long time. (And I don’t get how this ‘fix’ is pretty much just mentioned in passing.) For me, that shows two things. But I’m only going to mention one here:

This bug/feature obviously hasn’t been deemed as something making riposte heroes imbalanced.

I think this would also be the general view of the players. If not, we’d all know about it – believe me – because we love to complain about every perceived injustice and imbalance. :smiley: :wink:

I’d also like to point out that new riposte heroes having been released – I’m looking at you, Wolf – has obviously been balanced with this bug/feature in effect, i.e. making it integral to their power/balance.

When you just ‘fix’ this bug, without any kind of adjustment or rebalance, you effectively weaken riposte heroes. And it’s not a small change, or adjustment.

I would like to call this ‘fix’ a gamebreaker (inverted gamebreaker?) for riposte heroes. Maybe it isn’t. Let’s call it borderline gamebreaker. I don’t think riposte heroes become totally useless because of this, but for me their use is seriously crippled. Like, seriously crippled.

Suggestion: Revert the ‘fix’ an…. You know what, I’ll just going to refer to an earlier suggestion made by @SocialPariah:

A more elegant solution to Riposte being applied from a dead hero would have been to simply reword the special to include (rough idea) “Dying Breath…counterattacks with xx% of damage received upon receiving fatal blow”. Leave the xx% as per Riposte amount and that’s that. 0 recoding needed, just a description change.


… And yes, I’m aware this has been, and are, being discussed in the Bugs and Issues section, but it has also been addressed as an ‘intended’ change, with no additional comments from SG. As I’m not addressing this as a bug, but as a game mechanic change needing to get addressed as such, I’m creating this unique topic.

I can understand if the topic(s) get joined, but maybe it would actually be a good idea to move the discussion(s) here, in that case.


This so-called fix is a nerf and will seriously make a difference for lower level teams in the alliance wars, that use riposte heroes in their war defense. These defenses are now practically useless. Valuable ascension items are squandered. I don’t understand why??? It isn’t as though riposte is a game changing special. I don’t see any threads on the forum complaining about Boril, Cyprian, Elena or Obakan being OP. I think this will upset balance in the game. And I really don’t understand why heroes are being nerfed after being in the game for over a year? How can anyone make a strategic decision about how to build their team, when there is no way of knowing who SG might critically nerf at some time in the future?


I don’t understand them being nerfed when other more powerful heroes remain as they are. (I’m not asking for anyone to be nerfed, just that boril and cyprian certainly didn’t need it.)


They “fixed” the self healing on counterattack = ghost by removing the counterattack, claiming that it were a bug (the counterattack, not the self healing ghosts) and that it were never intended.

Those cunterattacking heroes were never strong to begin with and now they are even more useless.

Goku is clearly dead and yet he can counterattack… fix that! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is not a small change or a correction, it is a huge nerf. Let me explain: most of those who use Cipriano, Boril, etc. use it as a tank, as I just checked in two attacks, unless the board is very bad, when Cipriano has activated his ability, he has already received several attacks and his hp It is very low. Before, when it was activated and my board had Chacal loaded or had a good yellow combo, although I know it would kill him I had to think if it made up for it and maybe lose Chaclal or Wu and many times I would be diverted until I could dissipate it. Now I just kill him and I continue.

That’s great news! The reinstatement of the mechanics is really only reasonable, but SG actually listening and doing it is great! Hooray, SG!


Thank you for posting this.

I love my Cyprian as-is and was saddened to hear of the change. A change back in v15.1 is great news!

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A shout out to @Petri and Co…thank you for “repairing” the Riposte heros to their former glory :+1::clap::grin:

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Last few days I was staring at the game asking myself why is that hero with so much hp? He just hit Boril with 1k attack?!

Now I see why…

Bypassing Riposte is a bad mechanic. Defies the whole point of having those heroes. The same way Caedmon used to dispell before doing damage (and negating Riposte effect).

I’m glad devs listened to reason this time.

Thanks for the swift response and solution @Petri

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Yeah, thanks for changing this back. A lot of 5 star single hitters are basically kill-shots to a 4 star hero. It makes having the riposte s completely useless feature. I just got hit twice by Magni with riposte on, it killed a hero each time so there was no use in even having it.

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