The Brotherhood of XIII wants you!

The Brotherhood of XII is recruiting serious players. we are currently averaging over 1000 cups each, and have plenty of vets. We need growing players, who are dependable and determined to hit the top. We aren’t the strictest alliance out there, but we do have rules to ensure activity. We HATE losing a titan. Come join us, and grow here to reach the top of the leaderboard!

Looking to reach the top, but just starting out? Hardcore hitter and mid level? Top player, but want less pressure? Come join the clan and grow with us. We try to hit all TITANS and are growing in the WAR aspect. Fun and shattered shields. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Casual, but ultimate goal of top TEN!

Preference for 2500+ Power and 1000+ Trophies, but as it’s open invite…no one is turned away :slight_smile:

3 more spots left
steadily taking down 7*
come and have fun
if you like to chat…even better!

Open spots still left for anyone looking to grow with a fun and active clan

Trophy requirement lowered to 800…come grow with a fun and supportive group! :smiley:
6-8* Titans and War
Chat and fun