The Bloodlust Carnival is now recruiting! 🎭

Come join a great Carnival family! We are an open international alliance, chain 13 star titans. If you are looking for a fun home no drama, FFA war, monthly rotate color tank, this is the right place to be. Very active alliance.

We Are Offering:

∘ Chatty & supportive team with a lot of experience and active people
∘ Chance for daily slaying of 13* titans
∘ Monthly rotate color tank, FFA War
∘ We chat with each other at our own preference. If you don’t like to chat much, we don’t mind it as long you are an active team player and read the chat banner for titan and war info. We also use LINE for easier communication, but it’s optional.


∘ Daily Activity in Titan hits - Minimum of 100k per every titan called “Kill”
∘ Full War Flags used when opted in War. Missed flags will incur a demotion with a follow up removal if no satisfactory reason is given within a reasonable time of war ending.
∘ No Double Tapping in war. Double Tapping in war is DISCOURAGED, but we recognize at times it can be necessary in order to maximize flags.
∘ Check alliance message upon log in

Recruiting … 3 more - Active Titan’s hunters only

:performing_arts: Every carnival has a story. It’s a party in paradise! The Bloodlust Carnival is recruiting now :performing_arts:

Come join a great family! Need 4 to fill! We are an international alliance, chain 13 star titans. If you are looking for a fun home no drama open war type ffa, monthly rotate color tank. We all like to chat some more then others but a very active alliance.

We have three spots left. Come join great Carnival family. Hitting 13* titans.

Recruiting, let’s slaughter 13* titans together

7 spots available, regular daily Titan attack. 13⭐. Determined rules, no drama, just great people to play with!

Recruiting …

• Titans are mandatory 12* currently, 13* when full (80k minimum damage)

• Rare Titans always Die

• War is optional, but you MUST use all of your flags if opted in

(Monthly rotate color tank, FFA War)

This time we need more members than usual. Sometimes we lose members because we have fair and determined rules and we don’t deviate from them.

Chatty & supportive team atmosphere and love for you to be on board.

A great and fair group for people who want to enjoy the game knowing that all members use all war flags and all participate in titan’s slaying.