The Black Pearl armada is looking for new & veteran players!

Currently the Twisted Gull has 3 openings. Currently killing 7/8* titans, we would be glad to take on new or experienced players to help us kill titans, win wars, and we have a helpful crew that is good at answering questions and we carry on a jovial chat I all and on Line.


Ship Happens has 2 spots open. We kill 8* titans and with a little tweak of help from 2 new players we could kill 9* Ship is open to all as long as you are active and grow.

Openings in the Armada!!

The Black Pearl, 10*-11* titans has 1 opening. Recommended tp 3500+. At least 5 titan hits. War optional, but if in, all flags used.

The Calypso - 8*-9* titans has 3 openings, recommended tp 3300 +. 5 titan hits, war optional.

The Twisted Gull, 6*-7* titans. 4 openings. More relaxed ship, for those with time restrictions or more casual gaming. Relaxing cruise :slight_smile:

Contact line branwen62

2 spots open in the Black Pearl. 11*-12* titans, with the occasional 10* for relaxation. Requirements: 2200 cups, 5 hits per titan, war is optional, but if opted in, all flags must be used.
We are an international alliance, covering all timezones, language is english. Come visit, or if want to chat first, use line id: goreandblood or branwen62

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The Ironclad is looking for a couple Scalawags to swab the deck. Fighting 10-11* titans. Requirement of 1800 cups. 5 Titan hits and all war flags used unless opted out. Line id Rhinofinch with any questions. We are very social and have our own pair of handcuffs. Just in case.

@Rhinofinch could you please send greetings from me to Impertinent Crown, B.A. Cyborg, Kiwis, Madantonia, Sarah, Bowser and Nexi? And for sure to all others I forgot from my old alliance :kiss:

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You bet.

20 something or anothers

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Big replies,everybody says hi and that they miss you. Even Entouraged

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OMG yes, forgot Entouraged. Miss all of them. If it fits, I will try to say hello at a short visit…

That, or request temp access to the line chat, many would like to say hi to you.

@Rhinofinch can you invite me, please? sorshas-line-id
Same Avatar icon as here…

Bumping the thread, The Ironclad still has a couple openings.

Our official recruiting thread.

Right back at ya!! Sorsha! Sir S isn’t on anymore but the rest of the crowd is still there

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Giving the Armada a bit of love. :grinning:

the Calypso needs 6!!

8-10* TITANS 166K alliance score. Members @ levels 33-67. No requirements except hit titan 4-5x and use all war flags or OPT out! Great ship in a great Armada


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Thank you Sorsha & R’shel for new ideas!!

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Arrrrgh, The Ironclad has 2 bilge pumper deck hands crew openings remaining. Come join in the fun

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