The Black Pearl armada is looking for new & veteran players!


Pasargada is a training alliance, currently facing 6* titans, no trophies needed, everyone welcome


@Hoxy14 , an update on monkey island?


Several Slots available on The Ironclad! Come on the metal ship of our Armada! :love_you_gesture:


Ship Happens is looking to fill 2 spots. Alliance is open come on in!


Hi! Looking for a active alliance as the one I’m in quite a few are not participating in titan war & the AW. I’ m a lvl 37 with (2) @ 3400 + & currently a co-leader. Also a fellow co-leader is looking too , their tp is 3400+ …saw there was 3 openings in the Ironclad…or any other alliance in your Armada…would lke to stay with fellow team mate…


Still looking?
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Update: there are 2 open spots at Ship Happens! Alliance is open come on in!


Update: Ship Happens is still looking to fill one spot and possibly 3. Come on over or contact me on the line app if you have any questions. Shala93


ShipnHappens has two spots open. Looking for active people who want to hit the titan. Alliance is open. Come on in.


The Ironclad has also free slots available. Active members only. Titan attacks mandatory…


Ship Happens has 2 open spots. We fight 7 and 8 star titans. Ship is open come on in.


The Black Pearl, one of the oldest armadas in the game has 2 empty spots. Currently fighting 10 titans. At least 5 hits. 3500 team Power. Cups not important. War Optional
Respect essential.
We try and help each other and have funis our first rule

I can be contacted in line a branwen62


Come join us. Pets are welcome!
We have an armada of 6 ships, with titans for every taste and plenty of helpful people!

One spot open now


Pasargada is now The Calypso and we have 4 spots open!


The Black Pearl has 2 spots open! 10* titans. War optional, but if opted in all flags must be used. Rule number one is having fun.


Update! Ship Happens has 2 spots available. We kill 7-8 star titans and participate in wars!


The Black Pearl Has 3 spots available. We are killing 9*-11* titans.5 hits per person. War is optional, but if you are in, use all flags. We are supportive and like to have fun. We ask for team power 3.500+, trophys irrelevant. We use line, but it is not mandatory. We are part of an armada with 6 alliances, with different titans strenght, and a common room for exchange of experience and help. Come give us a try. I can be found in line as branwen62