The Black Pearl armada is looking for new & veteran players!


No prob. Just send your request to the gull. An Alliance cannot invite you :frowning:


Doe (showing off my newbie-ness :joy:)


Oh don’t mind. We all started once. In game you can search alliances.
Button down on your base screen “alliance”-> change tab to “alliances” Search for “Twisted gull” and send a request. Best you change the preinstalled text. Just refer to the recruitment here at forum.


Ok I requested to join.


Thanks for joining. Hope someone is online soon to let you in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Spaces have been updated!


New spots available - please scroll to the top for details :slight_smile:


I am interested in joining Ironclad. Team Power 3420 at 1950 Trophies.


UPDATE: Morbus joined the Ironclad. One more free spot available :slight_smile:


Ship Happens is looking for 2 players! Contact me on line via Shala93!


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Do you want to be part of the Armada?


@Rook. THX for removing the other recuitement !


Still looking for a couple of experienced players between Ship Happens and The Ironclad - see top for details! Have a great week all :slight_smile:


Current needs:

Twisted Gull - new player friendly but open to anyone, and we usually keep several spots available
Monkey Island Z-Fighters - this ragtag group is looking for 1 experienced player, prefer 1200+ trophies or 2800+ team power to go run up on some 6 and 7 star titans
The Ironclad - they’re a serious bunch until they’re not…which is most of the time. Looking for 2 players, and prefer 1800+ trophies or 3200+ team power to go smash some 8 & 9 star titans

Thanks for reading!


Hi do you guys allow players to move between the alliance as and when you need them?


Yes we do. Usually we coordinate those changes via line…


The Ironclad currently has 2 slots open! Come and join our crazy sailors!


Ship Happens is looking to fill a couple of spots. Join us for some titan killing fun!


@Members of Black Pearl Armada. Can we please update this one?
Or can we create a new Topic?
@Branwen, sent you an invitaion. You may know others at Forum belonging to us?