The Black Pearl armada is looking for new & veteran players!


That’s right, it’s an armada out there! We have a strong, flexible leadership that runs and maintains 6 alliances, home to everyone from green trainees fighting 4-5* baddies to honed killers taking on 10* titans. Looking to stay in touch across the groups? We use LINE. Looking for a place that fits you? See below…

Twisted Gull (trainee alliance)
Pasargada (trainee alliance)
Ship Happens
Monkey Island Z-Fighters
The Ironclad
The Black Pearl 点 (the flagship)

While all groups are near-full if not at 100% capacity, we work diligently to keep all of our ranks in ship-shape. Please scroll to the bottom of this post to see current postings.

Lastly, we understand that trophies are just a benchmark and are fine with you cup-dropping. Feel free to join directly in-game, and if you have any questions you can post here in the forum - one of our lovely co-leaders will be happy to answer!
Cheers, and we hope to see you on the high seas :wink:

My alliance may be disbanded
Teaching Alliances
Looking to merge with another alliance?
Granny's Warriors recruiting!
Daily Player, 3580+TP, looking for an Alliance!
OneMillionOldOrc looking for new reservation (already found)

Hey there. Here is the co-leader of The Ironclad. Please note that there are several alliances with this name. Just check for the one with Lord Nexian as leader (me as co-leader for sure) and note that the discription informs about beeing part of the armada :wink:
Looking forward to welcome a new fighter soon :star_struck:


The Ironclad has no more space! But check out the other alliances of this fantastic Armanda!


Hey there! We are looking to fill 3 spots at Ship Happens. We are killing 6 titans with ease. We are looking for some titan hitters but will definitely consider new players with ambition and desire to grow. Message me on line if interested. @shala93


Post updated! Scroll to top for available spaces.


Updated - please scroll to top for current needs :wink:


Ship Happens now has one spot to fill.


As the tides do change, so too does our space availability. Check the top for updates!


Numbers and spaces updated at the top. Thanks for reading!


Yeah! the Ironclad recently killed rare 9* Harpye. Hehehe. Comeover and join the fun. If you like you can keep titans head to hang over your sofa :wink:


I would like to join. New but very active player. Very experienced in similar games. Request sent to Twisted Gull. My line ID is MisterJazzzman (with 3 of the letter z).


Your call was heard but unfortunarely from a member with no line but tell my line contact in alliance chat. Hang on!


Just dropped it in my chat. Got free space in The Ironclad. Just send your request. I am online.


I added you in LINE. I’m resting in The Ironclad atm but will send word ahead to get you added in Twisted Gull :slight_smile:


He/she is in the Ironclad :smile: )


Still got any spots open? Active player with a 2700 team.


@Kepler. I contacted @Lurker. We check…


We have 2 spots in Monkey Island Z-Fighters right now :slight_smile:

I think you could grow into that alliance quite well. Once you’re in, talk to Hoxy or Migs about getting invites to LINE chats if you’re interested (it’s not a requirement).


There’s a bit more room available for a range of players now - see top post for all the info!


Interested in twisted gull. Screen name same as on here. Team is 2100 power / 600trophies level 11 SH