The Big Problem as I See It



province 9 was typo lol. meant province 1 stage 9. sorry


I figured that out, that’s why my second comment was removed lol it’s ok


This is a smart idea. There were times when I was early and mid-game that I had either more food than I could use or more iron than I could use. Now that my city is fully levelled I certainly have more iron than I can use on crafting, and I wouldn’t mind putting my food to a different use from time to time, rather than sending it all to my training camps.

I don’t see an obvious downside to this, and it could be managed to restrict the flow of valuable crafting items by making the conversion price very high, either in absolute terms or as a proportion of capacity. Can anyone explain the problem with this suggestion?


There’s no problem with it, per se.

I’m thinking a HOMM-Style marketplace where a Nugget could be worth 10k ham, 5k Iron, 50 Fine Steel, or what have you.

In that game, you can trade any resource for any other, at a price. The ratio depends on how much more valuable one item is over the other.

It’s a great way to get rid of 10k clean cloths.


Isn’t it all about the extra rolls??

This game isn’t about getting things or getting extra things. Everything is a grind towards getting extra chances at things!

My alliance has killed 2 8 star titans.
I wanna go higher but the others can’t sustain it. But I like those guys. I’d rather kill 7s with them than chase somewhere I might not like as much


The extra rolls at higher level (three mats at tier IX, four at tier XIV (?)) are the big bumps up in odds, but I’m convinced that the probabilities for rare mats also rises from tier to tier. My main account is regularly at XII or higher; my alt at IX or higher, and the flow of mats is clearly higher on my main account. Unfortunately I don’t keep data sheets to compare.


Yes, I was also proposing this approach in some similar topic. Conversion rate could depend on a marketplace level (since we can’t have multiple marketplaces to reduce exchange rates as it works in HOMM).


Crafting mat drop rates in S2 look promising. I’m working on a database for those provinces, but it’s slow work.


Stay where your at. The higher titans will come.

I hope you appreciate this story. We were stuck on 8* for a while. We kept beating them but no 9* - I suspect because we didn’t so it fast enough. Eventually the 9* came. We were so excited that we pounced and killed that thing. Our reward - a 10* rare harpy was sent to kick the :hankey: out of us. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


As you can see, farming 8-7 and am getting 4☆ ingredients like so easy. Got my drops within 10 minutes of farming.
You don’t need S2 prov14 … just farm S1.
Your items arw waiting for ya there.


I spent 400 gems doing 8-7 the other day 172 energy and didn’t get one nugget or dragon bone. I have over 600 meteor fragments that I will never use.


Meteor fragment are material for large mana pots, which is probably one of the best items to use for both high titans and legendary event.

When you start to using it, you become addicted.


Ok that’s why I’ve never used them. Have over 100 of those and never built one.


Way to act like I’m a newbie.

I acknowledged in the OP that 8-7 is everyone’s go-to. If I was getting them from there, this thread wouldn’t exist.


8-7 drops nuggets like rain. If you’re not getting them, perhaps you’re not trying hard enough.

Shall I save you the time of writing an indignant reply?

I’m being flippant, obviously.

Crafting materials drop randomly, with better materials broadly more likely in higher provinces. But the game does not want you to have limitless supplies of the most desirable crafting materials. Scarcity is fun. It would be incredibly dull if nuggets were plentiful. You’d never have to learn how to play without them.

If you don’t like relying on random, low probability events, then E&P might not be for you.


What is a criteria of a “hard enough”? :slight_smile: 8-7 is good for recrutes, no doubts. However, 12 attempts (36 flags) gave me no nuggets. Season 2 looks better.


Let’s keep it civil and constructive, folks.


I was not being entirely serious when I said nuggets drop like rain from 8-7. They’re rare, so they shouldn’t drop like rain - they should be hard to find. If one received a nugget from every farming battle, one would be tempted to use a tornado for every Titan battle, and never to learn to use other battle items properly. That would be awful.


I didn’t expect you meant it literally, of course. I just doubted that odds of getting nuggets are any higher in province 8 than in 7 or 9.

You might be right, but nuggets are also required for a Revival scroll and for a Super Healing Potion.


Who are you and what have you done with @Brobb???
These forums aren’t the forums without your cutting, indignant replies!