The big off topic topic

So i wonder when this topic will go off topic… or is it on topic then? Wow… confused… who helps to go on topic?

And so i wonder what IS the topic? Your responsibility! You may choose whether this topic is on topic or not.


I’ll play, although I’m unsure what the topic is, given NO topic was actually raised.

So is this a non-topic topic and should it be flagged for being off-topic :thinking:? Or does it belong right here in this thread?

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I cannot believe this thread was started without tagging @Math4lyfe

The audacity…



It might not get flagged off topic, but it might get merged as @rigs already did an experiment with pushing this particular boundary…


This is totally off topic, Slimer. And it sure isn’t E&P related…

Off course we can make it, but wouldn’t that be on topic?

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But if I respond to an off topic thread, wont it be on topic then? :thinking:


That depends on what you answer…

Or do you require a new title of “Off topic Defender”? But I don’t think we’re taking about you, were we?
Perhaps we should ask @JonahTheBard for advice. He seems to know what’s going on around the forums, most days anyway…

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