šŸ§Ŗ The Beta Beat (V67) - Master Emblems, Dragonspire, Astral heroes, Construrct Heroes, Beach Party heroes, Super elemental heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

It seems the time has arrived.
We have just received the probably the largest Beta build new content since I am creating Beta Beat topic.

We have received ā€œDominion of Dragonsā€ a.k.a. ā€œDragonspireā€ in the latest Beta build.

  • 9 new buildings
  • 5 new Dragons for 3 rarity = 15 Dragons
  • ā€œAssist Dragonsā€
  • ā€œDragon Ridersā€
  • Summon portal for the Dragons
  • 4 Dragon Quests
  • Dragon Map with 3 unlocked area
  • 16 new Battle items
  • Dragon Missions
  • Dragon Chests (Monster + Dragons)
  • Dragon Raids
  • Dragon Inventory
  • Dragon Shop
  • Dragon Roster

I will add topic as soon as I can, but it wil take time to do it.