🧪 The Beta Beat (V64) - Clash of Knight heroes, Super Elemental heroes, Journey hero, Goblin hero, Season 5 costumes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Yeah actually it is truly great to see artwork! :star_struck:
I don’t know, partly I play this game because i love card collecting and the hard-earn card with beautiful artwork make me proud …


The really cynical part of me says it is to build some degree of excitement about new heroes, since that’s all we’re getting from beta these days. We’re all numb to it. I barely even read them anymore, since they’re all five-stars that I will never have anyway. Now? Oooh. Pretty pictures.


Think the fuzzed out stuff is more annoying than helpful. I guess it’s fun to see the art, but it really is troubling that they took so much effort to NOT tell us stuff.

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I guess that’s because it’s subject to change. The artwork is final - the skills are not. Get your point though…


Lunar New Year event related changes:

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That’s my conclusion. People already take the beta beat thread as promises from SG and cry when things are changed. Showing the skill on the card would only further that thought process


Not sure why they have to blur it as the unblurred pics are already all over facebook.

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my thoughts exactly, every time I see a bunch of new 5* heroes in beta. well, cool for those who will get 'em… which is probably not me!


any news on beta for today? I’m assuming since I haven’t heard anything that means no for today.

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It seems there will not bea Beta build today.


Seems like we’ve been here before.

It’s déjà vu all over again.

Disappointed, but not surprised


According to schedule the final Beta could arrive today or tomorrow.
So they are still “on schedule”.


Love the way you say “could arrive today or tommorrow.”

Seems neither of us are particularly confidant.


Well, the official beta schedule SGG shared in the beta private area (and which is available to all of thanks to @PlayForFun in the OP of this thread) clearly states Monday 15 or Tuesday 16 for the final beta so personally not disappointed as they didn’t do their words wrong yet at the moment. We will see tomorrow, no hurry. :smiling_face:

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Do we have any idea about Feb HotM? Did try a search but obviously using wrong parameters (or there is no info so far).

Is this what you are looking for?


Thanks Oxide. Muchos gracias.


The link to all unreleased heroes (at the arrival of first Beta for the tested version) + features are always listed here in the OP:


Just click on Earlier Beta Contents.


New beta dropped. We haven’t seen build notes. I don’t see any new quests or portals. I do see a new champions family hero.
Name: Ramona
Element: dark
Mana: Fast
Power: 1007
Special: deal 550% to target, summon 3 fiends (they deal 60% every turn), and absorb 45% of healing. Healing absorbed is transferred to summoner and their allies distributed evenly.

Snipers don’t get a ton of love, but she’ll probably be able to overwhelm a single enemy effectively.

Edit: I now see three mystic vision icons. One is normal (white background with gem in the middle), one is yellow background, and one is purple background. Let’s find out what they do.

White background: Mystic vision. “You could get: daily summons token, gems, healing pot”
Yellow background: Rare mystic vision: EHT, gems, revive scroll
Purple background: Legendary mystic vision: aether 3 (legendary), gems, super healing potion

I laughed at the super healing potion.

Edit 2: I’m watching these mystic visions to find out what happens. SG monetizing beta now :slight_smile:
I watched a regular mystic vision, and when ads reloaded, all three versions showed up again. I did a second normal mystic vision and again see all 3 options. I did a normal again and it is now on cooldown (cooldown timer adjusted for beta). But rare and legendary mystic visions still exist! So far this looks like extra mystic visions (and theoretically the other two have better loot).

Edit 3: I only got one rare mystic vision. It did come with an EHT (not sure if that’s guaranteed yet or just lucky).

Legendary summon included a dragon attack, 10 gems, EHT, and 4* red aether.

The cooldowns are changed for beta. Regular is down to 30 minutes. Rare is 60 minutes. Legendary is 120 (2 hours). Not sure what this will translate to in game, but it’s possible rare will be every 4 hours and legendary will be every 8. This is highly speculative and only based on the relative differences seen in beta. I wouldn’t be surprised if the timers start longer (they can always decrease cooldowns later).

Cynically, we may spend just as much time watching ads as we do playing the game.


New Beta is here:

  • Legendary Champion hero Ramona
  • New item “Tome of Limit Break I” can be used to limit break a hero to the first limit break level.
  • Levels added to Mystic Vision Tower. Cooldown timers and rewards are placeholders for the beta test



  • Added “New” tag for new featured costumes
  • Updated icon for Max’s status effect that reduces damage from attacks and special skills of the stronger element
  • Updated icon for Becky’s ailment to better distinguish it from other ailments that used similar icons
  • Made Max HP reduction battle notification easier to read in Finnish
  • Adjusted the wording of Morax’s passive skill to increase its clarity
  • Food/Iron costs for leveling up troops are now not shown when the required amount is zero
  • Changed the icon for Legendary Troop summon bonus chest
  • Unclaimed Legendary Troop summon chests are now auto collected after the summon period has ended
  • Legendary Troop Token has been renamed to Legendary Troop Coin, and the item image has been updated
  • Added a counter to the Legendary Troop Summon that shows the number of Legendary Troop Coins a player has available
  • Added a new indicator that shows up on the Barracks building when a player has a troop that is eligible for conversion into a legendary troop
  • Choose your featured Hero: the player’s choice is now saved automatically as soon as a Hero in the list is tapped. No confirmation is needed


  • Fixed a bug where max stat toggle was incorrectly shown when inspecting other player’s heroes
  • Dodge and Miss no longer prevent Anne’s Special Skill from targeting additional enemies
  • Fixed an issue where values were missing in Giant Harpoon item description
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Troop’s extra healing passive wasn’t triggered by Raffaele’s heal
  • Fixed an issue where the note indicating that the preview values are those of a max level troop was shown when inspecting a lvl 1 troop after summoning one, or when inspecting another player’s team
  • Fixed an issue where buffs applied immediately after an ally was revived did not show up on the hero portrait. The buffs now show correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the mindless attack would trigger even after all the enemies had been defeated
  • Fixed Deadboot’s special skill description to use “steal” instead of “lift” to be consistent with other skills that steal buffs
  • Fixed an issue with Challenge Event Approaching icon overlapping other events in the Quests view
  • Fixed an issue where Path of Valor event challenges would sometimes start later than the corresponding event, so that early progress was not counted towards the challenges
  • Fixed an issue where current balance of Iron was missing from Troop level up screen
  • Fixed an issue with Tametomo’s special skill where enemies adjacent to the target received more damage than indicated by the skill description
  • Fixed an issue with Desmond’s special skill animation
  • Fixed an issue on devices with tall screens that prevented players from collecting the bonus chest on the Legendary Troop summon