🧪 The Beta Beat (V62) – Secrets of the Opera, Super Elemental heroes, Winter heroes, Toon and Underwild costumes, Journey hero -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Topic for the Underwild costumes:

Toon Costumes:


Thank you very much, dear friend, for the information and your great work! I’m looking forward to hearing if the scarabs will give Dune coins. ))))

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More sneak peek images:

More information (or just images again ???) will arrive next month.

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And more delays :scream:

Was: “More to be shared in October”
Now: “More to come next month”

And that came from them with merely hours left in October (in Europe).

If they can’t wait to share, then why they do not share now :smiley:


I just saw this and asked what it was in the October calendar thread, oops.
Only reduced energy? Will it include some kind of gnome or troll to get coins from and a bonus loot?

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“Sneak Peek” before the topic is added.

Judgment of Dunes

  • Season V energy costs reduced by 3
  • Rare enemy added: Dune Scarab
    • Drops Dune Coins, Emblems, Crafting Materials or resource bundles
    • You can defeat 15 Dune Scarabs per day
  • Monster Lure added
    • Increased chance to encounter Dune Scarabs in Season V stages
    • Increases the maximum amount of daily Dune Scarabs from 15 to 25

Thank you @PlayForFun - your “Sneak Peek” gave me a much needed chuckle :laughing: .

PFF “Sneak Peek” > SGG “Sneak Peek”.


Word! And PFF >>> SGG!


Pointless twenty sneek peak and battle items, pvp can’t use em unless?!

Here is the topic:

Hope they add back in the coins for the other acts in MV and other sources rather than making the default Dunes coins.

When do we usually find out about a new beta schedule?

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I will ask Staff about it early next week.


We have just received the Beta Schedule for V63:

Beta Name Status Open Closed
Beta 1 Testing Planned WED 8.11/ THU 9.11 MON 13.11
Beta 2 Testing Planned WED 15.11/ THU 16.11 MON 20.11
Beta 3 Testing Planned WED 22.11/ THU 23.11 MON 27.11

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