🧪 The Beta Beat (V62) – Secrets of the Opera, Super Elemental heroes, Winter heroes, Toon and Underwild costumes, Journey hero -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

I 100% agree. Might as well throw in some new troops in HA too.

Here is the Beta topic for the Secrets of the Opera event:

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when are new christmas heros or costumes gonna be announced. i suppose its early, SG doesn’t seem to go through much testing, or listening to beta anyway so what does it matter

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I think we should know them by next week’s Tuesday the latest as we will get the last Beta build in V62 on that day, which will be most likely the last main version what is released before the Santa’s Challenge starts in December.

The second Beta is here.

It contains new Christmas heroes - 3 Legendary and 1-1 Epic and Rare.

And boss changes and avatar changes to the event itself.


Here is the topic for the new Winter Heroes:


Beta balance updates are just relesed for the new Christmas heroes:


Probably not the right place, but some news about the energy reduction in season 5.
Thanks in advance and sorry if this isn’t the right place.

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No, there is no news about this.

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Asking in a timid, hopeful voice…

Is there any sign of Dominion of Dragons or Monster Island in this latest beta?


I do not know what is Staff developing “under the hood”, but nothing is visible inside the Beta application about these features.


We are supposed to hear about all those features we got sneak peaks of some time this month correct? I’d assume that would be this beta beat.

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Yes, according to Sneak Peek images we should have some new information about the new buildings / items in October, which will end next Tuesday.

The last Beta is usually light so I am not sure whether Staff will put these to Beta or not.

We will see early next week.

Mabe they will just make an announcment on the forum ? (If there will be anything at all).


It should be noted that they did not say which October. :rofl:


It’s the year October 3000

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Maybe via their official X (fka Twitter) account ? @EmpiresPuzzles
Note: NO underscore (“_”)

Did it arrive today?

Anything about the new Battle Items / Buildings from the Sneak Peek Sept 28th - The one which said “More to be shared in October — stay tuned!” ?
(Nothing in the News & Updates on here and nothing on X (FKA Twitter)).

No, it has not arrived :frowning:

But I have just realized that I have forgotten to add the new Beta Beat topic for the Updated Santa’s Challenge. I will add it soon.

Earlier today I have asked an update on this from Staff.
They have seen my message, but no answer from them yet.


Topic about the Santa’s Challenge changes:

Thx @birksg for the guides in it.


The final Beta is just arrived with a heavily requested feature:

  • Judgement of Dunes event (Reduced WE cost for Dynasty of Dunes)

And 2 new Season 4 costumes, and 2 new Toon Costumes.

I will start to work on the topics shortly.