🧪 The Beta Beat (V56) – New S5 Hero, New S2-S3 costumes, Springvale heroes, Avalaon Heroes and Costumes, Jungle Hunter Heroes, Fire Contest of Element, Ninja Hero, Further Limit Breaking -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

But I want it first :melting_face:


Yes, that’s what I said and that’s what the sneak peek says :grimacing:

Me too, that would be a bold move by SGG to release new exclusive heroes with the summer solstice whereas the previous exclusive heroes set isn’t “widely” available yet.


But the Magic Orb is much clearer about these Book reciting Magicwand-Wielders than for these Gods/Goddesses of Spells, Moon, Purification and Witchcraft that like to hide their faces :thinking:


Surely but you should know as well as me that things passing by the orbs are in no way an indication that they are coming soon to the live game. It may or may not come first. Only time will tell and unfold SGG’s actual and final plans. Heck even a day before something comes live, they are changing clouds in the orbs sometimes. (let’s agree we all forgot the changes that happened within hours after some stuff came online).


@Zakuha @Elioty33 you speak terrible Russian! :see_no_evil: :joy: I didn’t understand anything! Explain to me what you said about the Challenge event there :pray: I read about him in a brief review. But it seemed to me that you know a little more


Let me analyze this update from entertainment and quality of game perspective:

  • new s5 5* hero, boring… who cares?
  • new costumes for 5* heroes, boring who cares?
  • new costume for merlin… ok
  • new springvale 5* heroes, boring who cares?
  • new fire 5* coe heroes, boring who cares
  • new jungle 5* heroes, boring who cares
  • new ninja 5* hero, boring who cares different but same old same old never ending story
    And now the new feature
  • limit breaking further, biggest bs in pile of bs we have seen in a (short) while

Thanks Zynga/SG or whatever, great update


Same. Does anyone have April calendar or at least partial? Thank you.


Special boost is per turn? Implies 6 turn refreshes every turn, even after a cleanse/dispel. Is that correct as in effect makes hero 30% attack up all the time? If so thats looking pretty useful to me

If it is dispelled, then it’s gone.