🧪 The Beta Beat (V56) – New S5 Hero, New S2-S3 costumes, Springvale heroes, Avalaon Heroes and Costumes, Jungle Hunter Heroes, Fire Contest of Element, Ninja Hero, Further Limit Breaking -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

So no new costume for Sir Roostley? :frowning:

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No, not in this Beta build

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they’re actually far easier to figure out than the SE List, to be honest :rabbit: :kiss:


There is no trick. It is a nature hero:

Avalon costumes:


@PlayForFun thank you so much, dear friend, for wasting your precious time to give us information! I really appreciate it and understand how hard and often thankless work it is! That’s why I never tire of thanking you! :pray: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


New Springvale heroes:

And finally the new Jungle Hunter heroes:


Really disappointed by the development of v56 so far. Everything that’s been/being tested through beta 1 and beta 2 is just new heroes/costumes (with the exception of the springvale booster but that’s pay walled), nothing new on the game play side of things… Are the game designers working on this game really happy to work on this tittle when management press them so much to just make more heroes instead of expressing their creativity to improve / enhance the game play with new things?


I think it’s better for us that they concentrate on new heroes. Otherwise they can show more of such creativity they shown in last Monster Island changes :wink:

As expected, this new year is bringing us new heroes, new costumes and nothing else.

to be fair, the Green Knight is a character from legend… as shared by @Orion_Fervor :slight_smile:


totally agree… and very few new Epic heroes too. I’m not excited to summon in Springvale for example, I have all the Epics and Rares already and am not banking on pulling a Legendary


At this point, the things I would be more grateful for are not new heroes (that I’ll never get anyway)

It’s Quality of Life updates.

Less clicks in Alchemy Lab.

Buffs to older heroes. (Buffs. Not costumes. Reading about Guinevere’s costume really made me sad.)

Things that might not generate a ton of money.

But things that will boost player happiness and fun - and by that, actually, keep them around.

That would be a long term investment. Instead of this “instant cash from the whales until the next new hero counter is out for them to chase”.

But, it’s clearly is working. Each purchase in the game tells SG exactly what pays off.

Here’s to being naive and here’s to still hoping that things will change one day… :magic_wand::star2::pray:


I have added the topic for Springvale Event Booster information:

It also contains the changes in Appearance Rates, which is similar to last year’s event’s just as the 4 star Jack O’Hare costume is no longer featured there is no line for Featured 4 star Hero and Costume, and the chances are combined into Seasonal 4 star heroes’ chance.


No mention of new Contest of Elements heroes. I checked v55 and didn’t see them did i miss something.

They are still two more beta builds. The red CoE heroes will certainly come for sure.


As @Elioty33 mentioned I am also expecting red CoE event heroes in V56.
It can might arrive in the build of next Wednesday.

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That’s for sure. Zynga will never let an opportunity to rake in money pass.


Based on the information what I have the next Beta will probably only arrive on this Thursday.


Any news regarding „Erebus Fix“? @PlayForFun

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I have no information on this.
The final Beta release’s notes will arrive on March 6th.
We will see if this is included or not.
If not, then I will send them another message… like how I did in V55 :slight_smile: