🧪 The Beta Beat (V52) – New S1 Costumes, Gargolyles, December HoTM, S5 Hero -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Version 52 Beta 2 testing has ended today.

Staff have just announced that the next Beta will arrive on this Thursday.


Will we have new things or just tested the items already featured?

Recently every Beta had brand new content.
(The Covenant Quest was tested twice, but the Quest itself was completely different.)

I am personally excepting the new Christmas Heroes to arrive to Beta this Thursday or next Monday.
As there will not be much time to test them before December unless V53 will just have 1-2 Beta builds.
Or there will not be 1-2 week Beta delay between V52 and V53 testing.


It is exhausting seeing new heroes and my roster getting weaker through stagnation… And nerfing… Dumb sg.


Any updates for Santa’s Event. Will there be any new heroes coming out? Thank you

According to this the answer is yes @Fransis.


of course there are new heroes coming out. They will also more than likely have a costume for the costumes they already have done for kramps santa and Mono. We’ll also see a costume for Pengi so they can nerf him after the event is over


V52 Beta 3 is just arrived

  • Monster Island is arrived back to testing
    - Monster Hunter heroes have benefits on the event
    - Difficulty and other small changes
  • New bard heroes (3 legendaries, 1-1 Epic and Rare)
  • New Gargoyle (name: Kemeny)
  • New Masquarade heroes + new Mistery hero for Black Friday portal
    (A family bonus added for the new Mistery hero + Mystero too)

Masquarade hero that mean new costume right ? 3 star ?

@PlayForFun I can’t wait to know the details about all these topics

You make a terrific work


Nope, these 2 are brand new heroes for I think a brand new quest, which will might only arrive next year like the Gargolyes this year.

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A new event entitled Masquerade ?

Will they change the name of the current Masquerade Quest then ?


Interesting… New quest called Masquarade?
Is this possible that there will be another event offering costumes for other heroes than S1?
Or is it something completely different and has nothing to do with custumes at all?
Well, we’ll see!

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So nothing about new Christmas heroes… Makes my life more difficult knowing if I want to save pulls for Christmas or not.

omg i just see heroe Jove omg, fast doing 550 %to target and minor to all and - 75 healing and mana for all for 4 turns omg and passive ability not to even mention :zipper_mouth_face:

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What about the bards event?
Still going to be just a part of challenge festival II?

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You can continue the discussion of the new Masquearade heroes here:

@alonyor I think CF2


I also found it strange, and assumed that they will be added in to existing masquerade quest - despite it being for costumes of s1 heroes - because it just seem strange to have another event with the same name…


We will see where these will be added.

Black Friday Mystery hero topic:

New Gargoyle hero:

Additional Bard Heroes:


Does someone know exactly how many 5 stars heroes will we have with these? Is there a counter somewhere?

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