🧪 The Beta Beat (V52) – New S1 Costumes, Gargolyles, December HoTM, S5 Hero -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Why would they include S1 heroes in that list… does not make any sense.

They should have included old event heroes.


I agree with this 100%.

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I think it’s basically cause it’s better than nothing. If you chose all 20 now, I’m not sure what happens (because I don’t think anyone has tested). So I’m guessing you just don’t fill the Pity timer any more. So would you rather have 15 available heroes or 20? It’s small, but 20 is better. That helps feed soul exchange. Although if you get to all 20, Soul Exchange may not help, so I guess it’s just a feeder.

This does depend on how often this resets. Is it going to be yearly? Monthly? Weekly?


I think the most sense would be pulling old HOTMs. Now there is really no way to get Telluria or Vela (if anyone wants to have them), the ToL is a joke…

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Any info on new calendar release yet ? Btw ur the best everyone appreciates all that you do !

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Released earlier


Do we already know, what will be the skills of new pet heroes? thanks :slight_smile:

Fated summon will work only with crystals, EHT and coins or summon tokens that give you heroes will count towards it?

Sorry, I was busy for few hours after the Beta arrived.
I am working on the topic for the heroes right now.

I will add the topic for that too once the heroes topic will be completed.


Mighty Pets heroes topic is ready:


will fatted summon aways be avaible, i mean, not the counter, but the exchange itself

Alot of good heroes here for me, I’m most interested in Onatel, basically all the s2 and s3 as I have only skadi of those 10… Grazul is most needed for rush ailment block but her heal is so low, I’d almost prefer a 2nd Faiez… the other 3 HOTM I have.

I feel like s1 is a joke to include if no costume.

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Fated Summon topic is now available:


How long this fated summon hero’s will be available 2/3/4 months then the new set of hero’s will be available…any inputs on this.
thanks for all your advance help…


I will ask Staff about these, and update the topic above.

I guess… I’m done with all pulls until this is implemented… Provided I’m still even playing the game.

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We have just received V52 Beta 1 Feedback Summary:


They should fire whoever said that (I know they’re not actually employees, but still). Having variety in classes, even if “they don’t fit” is useful for emblem quests for newer players and for stuff like Styx tower for higher level players.


I agree. I think that 2C. Kiril’s class is great.

  1. There aren no Barbarian healers.
  2. He can pair well with other Barbarians that are used in titan teams - Nordri, Jott, Miki - and stack bleeding damage.

Mighty Pets event topic is now ready: