🧪 The Beta Beat (V51) – Contest of Elements, Monster Island, new Season 5 heroes, November HoTM, Superior Talents -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Did you miss it? He already created all the v52 beta-beat threads :wink:


How do you become a beta tester

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You can submit your application here:


It says doesn’t exist or private :frowning:

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That’s maybe because you are new to the forum, and you trust level is too low:

Here are items what you need to do in order to reach that Trust level:

I think the first item is the only one what you can not speed up.
I have just helped you with this:

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Thanks alot :slight_smile: I’ll get on that. I’ve been on the forum alot, just never made an account until now,


Heck yeah’:slight_smile: sounds great

How can i get a beta account?

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@Kraven88 you can apply here:

But your forum account’s trust level is too low:

You need to be a Member to be able to open the first link.

Here is the list what you need to do on the forum to be a member:

So if you like this or any other posts, then I think you will able to Apply for Beta.
After that you need to wait. (Proably a lot.)
If you are lucky, then Staff will contact you in e-mail.


Thank you and good luck in game! :grin:

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@PlayForFun I’mcurious about one thing in Beta

A beta tester receives all the available heroes in the game for the beta version or you just have your current roster and adds the new heroes for testing


I kept on applying for beta but, nothing happens. Any ideas?

When you receive a new Beta build your current progress in the live game imported into Beta, and Staff send you the new heroes/items/tokens for testing + 10k gems + free VIP and POV inside the Beta application.

So you do not get all heroes in the game.
Sometimes Staff send you some old heroes (eg: when a balance update is under testing, but nowadays usually balance updates are not tested in Beta).

If you applied now you just need to wait.
If you are selected then Staff will contact you.
It can take weeks, months or quarters.

I was accepted to Beta more than 1 year after I first applied to Beta, and maybe few months after the Beta application was opened again.

Thank you for the information.

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do u receive new heroes in beta already
maxed, fully embled and lb-ed?

You get them in maxed stat 4/80, 4/70 or 3/50 according to rarity.
You need to LB / emblem them if you want to test them.
Full Food/Iron refill can be done in only 3-4 gems.
So if you remove emblems for other heroes in Beta, they is quite simple to give max emblems to any new hero.

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Version 51 is released.
You can discuss the changes in the topics for the released heroes / events.