🧪 The Beta Beat (V51) – Contest of Elements, Monster Island, new Season 5 heroes, November HoTM, Superior Talents -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

We have just received V51 Beta Build 4 Summary:


We have just received this message from Staff:

And the expected uncertain start date is now changed to Thursday / Friday.


New Update:

  • We will get a new build tomorrow with a few heroes for tesitng;



Now the question is: new Christmas heroes, and/or another color Super Elemental heroes, and/or December’s HOTM, and/or something else?
Looking forwards to your posts tomorrow :smiley:


As there will be 4 Beta builds for V52 we have pleanty of time for all of these :slight_smile:

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if i had to guess, xmas heroes will be held to later builds to not overshadow marlovia ones

Few heroes could include anything: New Xmas heroes, Dec hotm, Monster Island heroes, the final Challenge Event for the 2nd set. Or more S5 heroes But what I’m mostly hoping for is Round 2 of hotm costumes.

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we also might see new s01 costumes

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I think next beta will contain about
1 BF futured heroes (new challenge like gargoyle)
2 Dec, Jan Hotm
3 Monster island heroes
4 Other color elemental contest event and hero
5 Etc ( example: challenge of bard, dragon of castle?, base next level and new building, other secondary costume of the classic, xmas new hero )

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I really doubt Bards will get their own challenge event. They are already included in CF2.

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This is what I most want to see.

Even if this arrived later there is plenty of time until mid November when Morlovia ends.

We should see the new Xmas heroes in V52 in the following 3-4 weeks.

yeah, but if it does come in v3 for exemple, people will alredy have spent looots of coins chasing alucard before seeing xmas heroes

thats what i ment, later build in the next version

New Christmas Heroes? C Pengi? Double C MN? How about new C Easter heroes?

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I think the next beta will test super elemental heroes of other colors, missing reds, blues and purples.

I also don’t rule out heroes from some monthly event. Now we only have 3, the festival, the festival II and the one with the gargoyles. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were planning two more new events.

We already now the next quest’s after the Holy version will be the Nature one and we also know that the quest comes in every second month.
So there is no rush to reveal the rest before December as the next element Quest, where the heroes are unknown will be held in February.


The Beta is postponed until tomorrow.


It may be a big one if they are delaying it

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Tomorrow is today now…