🧪 The Beta Beat (V51) – Contest of Elements, Monster Island, new Season 5 heroes, November HoTM, Superior Talents -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Full Beta Schedule for V52:

Beta Name Status Open Closed
Beta 1 Testing Planned WE/THU 21.9/22.9 MON 26.9
Beta 2 Testing Planned WE/THU 28.9/29.9 MON 3.10
Beta 3 Testing Planned WE/THU 5.10/6.10 MON 10.10
Final Beta Testing Planned MON 10.10 FRI 14.10

I feel completely the same way… I cheered and had a beer when I FINALLY completed all the quests related to buildings… building times are sooo loooooooong towards the end game…!

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So we can expect release between Monday 17th to Friday 21st :grimacing:
They have yet to release Season I family bonus, superior talents and monster island (+ some heroes/HOTM’s but those aren’t gameplay updates, just more cards). Hope those can make it live with v52, in addition to some more things they will introduce during v52 beta. Hoping for an heroic new challenge event :blush:

Yes, it is long, and further SH update will be much longer.

I am not against new buildings even if they are not that useful, because I can use spare iron.


Yes, I still have not received any answer from Staff about the first two.

Yeah, It is highly likely we will get some new event.

The above schedule means 1 more thing.
If V53 will have 4 Beta builds, then new Christmas heroes should arrive (if Staff plans to add any) in V52 Beta as there will not be enough time to release V53 before the Christmas event starts.


With 4 versions for the upcoming beta I expect the following:

  • new challange event + heroes
  • Hotm December
  • Monster Island heroes + summon (probably another round of game play testing)
  • new Xmas heroes and/or costumes
  • maybe 2 new heroes of an yet unknown new event (for Halloween summon portal)
  • maybe 2nd round of secondary S1 costumes

yep, same here. plus it feels like you’re walking through a food desert to finish getting all those advanced farms upgraded to 10. :sweat:


Hey Play, can you maybe predict when beta 52 will come out and new info about christmas heroes?

Sorry if I missed your prediction :slight_smile:

He gave the v52 beta schedule literally just three messages before the one you answered to :confounded:

And for new Christmas heroes and/or costumes, we just have to wait for them to come to beta.


I think that is too early.
We have got enough unreleased 5 star costumes for the next 4 months.

Maybe…something…with…some cute fluffy pets :heart_eyes_cat:


There are rumors about some future heroes, which look like some pets ( :cat: , :dog: ,etc…).
We will see that is this rumor true or not :hamster:


I guess whoever started those rumors has a solid basis for doing so :grin:


They could always add a couple 3* and 4* for testing.


Yes, maybe, we will see :slight_smile:

That would be great indeed if they added secondary costumes for all S1 3 and 4*. At least we could be pulling for something new. I already have all the S1 3* first costumes and just missing a couple 4* so with the so low odds for 5*, I am not very eager to pull from this portal.


i hope we get round 2 of hotm costumes


This is what I would most like to see. ALL S1 3- and 4-star costumes added. I think the November HotM is good enough to chase for my roster, so I’d like to be able to use my costume keys in November.

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Maybe you’re right. I thought they release another bunch as for the last chamber. But if they’re going to release 2 each occurrence then you’re right :wink:
It’s more a wish for more 4* and 3* costume :crazy_face:


Same. I had 250+ key piled up (by diligently watching MVs and filling chests and completing quests). Don’t plan to pull the trigger until more clarities on 2nd costumes for 3* and 4*.

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We have just received V51 Beta Build 3 Summary: