🧪 The Beta Beat (V51) – Contest of Elements, Monster Island, new Season 5 heroes, November HoTM, Superior Talents -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

the s01 bonus might be the change to be tested

Yes, Staff has written this too.
We have even received those heroes too which do not have a new costume.

damn, wish they just let me in the beta program =(

Topic about the Superior Talents is now added here:


I agree. Might as well finish off the year.

The Information about the new Amulets are added here:

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The following topic is updated the new stage effects what we can see in Beta:


The Feedback Summary of V51 Beta Build 2 (Monster Island) has arrived on the same day as the current Beta, but I was busy with adding new topics and I forgot to add it here.

So now here it is:

Stay tuned as the final Beta for V51 is expected tomorrow.


i agree on the alliance vs alliance aspect. Because alot of alliances will be placed with the top ones, and there’s no point in competing in that adpect since the top alliances will always be on top, just like Mythic Titans and Alliance Quest


What I saw from Puzzle combat I also agree on this. If there’s a maximum number of possible points, it makes more sense if the rewards are point related. Maybe if you get 99% of the points top tier, 90% second tier and so on. There is no real competition in this event and it feels useless to try to implement this

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Wish I had Lewena. Her talent block seems even better now

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The tesiing of V51 Beta build 3 is just ended.

The Final build for V51 is expected today.

The build arrival is now confirmed:

My personal expectation:
Contest of Elements for another element + 8 more heroes for the event.

But this is just a guess.


The new Beta build has just arrived.

  • Return Morlovia
    • 3 new Legendary, and 1-1 new Rare and Epic heroes arrived
    • New Passive skill added for Return to Morlovia heroes.
  • Convent of Champions Quest
    • Raid formations added to enemy formations
    • Rewards improved
  • Contest of Elements
    • Two new heroes arrvied to Beta
  • Challenge Festival
    • 1 new Pirate hero arrived to Beta

Balance changes

  • Ahmose
    • Direct damage increased: 365% → 400%
    • Reflect damage increased: 115% → 150%
    • Reflect is now undispellable
    • Removed elemental defense down ailment



  • Added an [?]-icon info button to certain Hero cards’ Special Skill descriptions
    • Intended to improve legibility for battle info UI (less walls of text!)
  • Additional revisions to Japanese localization text
  • Costume Black Knight now takes scratches instead of flesh wounds
  • Reduced ambiguity in the description text for Bard Heroes’ revival chance reduction Passive
  • Tomes of Experience can now be used on Limit Broken Heroes as well


  • Added missing Path of Valor text keys
  • Added missing Special Skill animation & sound effects for Roc (Costume)
  • Challenge Event Hero Costumes now properly display the Event Bonus icon within the Edit Team view during Challenge Festival events
  • Challenge Festival Bonus Chest corner case issue resolved
  • Costume Bonus values now display correctly for Rare Atlantis Heroes and Rare Valhalla Heroes in their respective Summon Gate carousels
  • Dispelling Wolfgang’s buff via the Moon Family Passive no longer incorrectly triggers Wolfgang’s health boost
  • Fiends no longer incorrectly prevent hit animations
  • Heroes without a second Costume no longer display the wrong Costume Bonus icon
  • Removed one boss enemy from Season V Province 14-10
  • Silvaria no longer incorrectly summons an additional Minion when inflicted with Burn via the Sun Family Bonus
  • Stacks inflicted by Udjat Eye (Amulet) are now properly shown with an icon
  • Taking damage from Nemesis’s status ailment no longer causes an HP mismatch between battle info UI and portrait UI
  • The image of Charon in the Soul Exchange no longer glitches out under certain conditions
  • Udjat Eye (Amulet) no longer causes certain Season V enemies’ HP bars to display incorrect values

Haha, what? I don’t know why but that made me laugh. :grin:


This is nice! Will be saving my 2 tomes now for instant completion of lb levels


And this will be really nasty…

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i will patiently wait for the new hero topics to see what these new heroes will do. But with Morlovia getting new heroes, Christmas family should get at least 2 legendaries, and Springvale should get at least 3 to make each of the seasonal summons not only up to date, but also make them have roughly the same amount of heroes

I have started to work on them.

Meanwhile the balance update is added here:


I was too excited about the tomes of experience change to mention this before. I really am glad they are doing this. I was thinking about my EHTs not long ago, and without new heroes, I was unlikely to use any until next Kalevala. Not that I have all of the current ones, but having c MN, c Lepus, Roostley and c Yunan already, I just didn’t care too much about any of the other heroes. There’s good ones I don’t have, just not worth going after to me

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Hey Play,

thanks for the info!

Can you also check with SG on their stance for ridicoulus power difference between latest heroes and season 1 double costumes?? (Sekhmet was still featured yesterday for 1st time and is behind more than 20 power vs S1 double costumes).

Please kindly asks them to tone down S1 double costume bonus and rather up a notch their specials of those heroes.

Also buff Atlantis S2 costumes and tavern ones who are behind normal S1, S3 and Challenge event bonuses… thank you :slight_smile: