🧪 The Beta Beat (V50) – Tower of Styx, New Season 1 Costumes and Costume Quest -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

There still will be 5% chance for the costume? And if the hero has 2, one will be selected randomly?

Stop costume nonsense and be creative SG, also stop the power creep, these new S1 costume bonus stats mean for you : " yeah, we can rise the power of heroes to infinity now". Just disgusted where game is going.


Yes! Tavern heroes didnt get customes yet as well as S2 whole, and we are already dealing S3 costumes and second S1 costumes…

The problem is also in different costume bonuses which doesnt reflect hero powers… Event heroes have bigger costume bonues than S2 heroes and tavern heroes, who were already behind in power in first place…

Please SG, adress current issues first.

Saw a screenshot of one of the new costumes, my only response is WOW. Sorry I can’t share it here, but WOW.

at least they are showing signs of coming back to their senses with the 50 stages for 50 flags

I am already wokring on the Beate Bwat topic. I hope I can publish it soon.


I read the … and went :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Faster than I expected.

My question = if I have both costumes, must I level Costume 1 first to get access to Costume 2 ? Or can I just jump to Costume 2 straight away, after levelling original hero?

I ask because a game that had this insists that Costume 1 be levelled first before access is granted to Costume 2. It was awfully painful to gain access to Costume 2.

By “Wow” you mean that their special skills are strong and useful or that their artworks are cool and eye-catching or it was a sarcasm and they are awful?

During a very short second, I thought that they would allow us to put twice the same costume on a hero to get a stat boost (like a solution for costume duplicates). But hey, what was I thinking ? lol

Here is the new Season 1 costume topic:


Lmao. Why don’t they just come up with a wardrobe. Not shocked though as I did say a year back it wouldn’t surprise me if they made costumes for the costumes and here we are. $nGs concept of balancing the heroes :man_facepalming:


I agree 100%. Improve the rates.

Genius picture :smile:

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The Updated Costume Quest ttopic is now available:


When is v50 coming out?

Hi, do we know what is the challenge event for July?


As the next Costume Chamber starts on July 11,
I am expecting some of these new S1 costumes in it and to have it Staff should release the next build on July 4th.

If this will be the date of the next build, then we should get the Final beta build next Monday.

As there is an unreleased Gargolyle I think the Sanctuary of Garhgoyles event.

I am also expecting the Tower of Styx in July on 27th.

But all of these are just my personnal guesses.


Sounds about right, 20 20 20

I can’t believe that 7 days have left till the end of June and there’s sill no news about Klaern… Are they really going to release him like this?

Looks like… It’s the same old story of pairing good heroes with awful ones, looking at xnophold/exeera or xmas/reuben.
If we’ll have new costumes and other new portals in july, then people will pull regardless of hotm, and will pull again when a good hotm will be featured