🧪 The Beta Beat (V50) – Tower of Styx, New Season 1 Costumes and Costume Quest -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Charon will increase the war score of many people who got him. A rare support hero that won’t be outdated for years to come.

Unless SG comes up with heroes that charge in 1 match, which I doubt.

I can’t believe how much they left out from the general feedback we gave.

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I am not seeing Hypnos and Nyxt being excessively used on defense; curious to see how popular this tower will be, considering towers are not very much liked in general :upside_down_face: mine Hyp still seats at 1:1

I hope to see the Magic and Ninja Towers revamped to match that of this new tower.


A new Beta build has just arrived with additional Season 1 costumes with can now have two costumes, and there are extra benefits (15% attack, 15% defense, 30% heath, 10% mana generation) of having both costumes for the same hero.

12 Legendary heroes and Kelie have received costume in this Beta.
The Legendary costumes will be receivable from Hero Academy.
The Costume Quest is also change, and it has 15 stages.

Not in Beta yet, but Staff is working on family bonus for Season 1 heroes.


Well, I was wrong about January 2023…
Original picture from Jan 2021.


What a disappointment, I don’t like it at all. :-1:

It’s like trying to make your food taste better and you keep adding spices and herbs to this point you added too much and it tastes even worse.


surely you’re joking?

No, they are here.

So now we can also can expect secondary costumes for event heroes too in the not too far future…

If I sommon a costume from now on, do I get both costumes of the hero or do I have to be lucky and get both costumes extra to get the full bonus?

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Wow, just when we think costume chamber sucks, they manage to make it yet another big-time paywall.

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I agree, this isnt the most welcome solution for S1 heroes, who are trailing behind and everyone has them.
What is welcome though, it is to some extend ‘‘one of cheaper solutions’’ since costumes will be attianable in hero academy as well as make Costume chamber relevant again…

But aditional costumes SHOULD BE ONLY tied to S1 heroes and that is already '‘crossing the line’on many levels’…

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I don’t like the idea of multiple costumes for one hero. It doesn’t matter if it is for S1 heroes only or for others too.


I sincerely hope not and kind of believe it wont happen :

  • S1 heroes are available to all and are the staple of this game (heroes are also tied to seasonal stories), thats why they should be relevant in power as well troughout future.

  • S1 heroes with two costumes will be able to compete again with current event heroes and old event heroes with costumes - balance standpoint

  • Dragons will be soon introduced : my reasoning for them is current big influx of new heroes, which will keep us busy for longer period of time and offer versatility in fielding heroes even after Dragons are introduced. Dragons role will be to offer new levels in power creep and revenue option , so E&P game wont be so heavily dependant on heroes any longer and the power creep on heroes will diminish.

Neither do I, trust me… Like I said, this is crossing the line on some many lvls… It would be better if they find other solutions for Costume chamber and Strenght of S1 heroes

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Yes, both costumes + the hero will be given by the portal.
Hero Academy will give you only 1 costume of the costumes.

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Then, HA10 NEEDS to be reworked ASAP. There’s no point in cycling through naked S1 heroes, other than throw food and recruits.


10% from both costume + 20% level 29 magic troop + 5% family bonus from Bard family bonus + 4% or 2% from emblem = 37% or 39% mana regen increase…

First thought is my 100+ keys finally have some use, but meh, is SGG still cares about 3 & 4 Stars now? So i don’t think they will make all 3 & 4 stars heroes a 2nd costume…

OK, now that i’ve had more chance to take stock and consider this, I am very much sitting on the fence…

the pro’s? It’s making S1 heroes relevant again! I do hope that it stays to the exclusively S1 heroes though and doesn’t start drip feeding into S2 or CF heroes… I mean, it’s bad enough that they’re already starting to release S3 costumes when S2 still hasn’t had their fair share. We also get to see more interesting and unique specials (hopefully) and not jsut straight up buffs (maybe?). Nice to see that they’re also getting the adjustment for their costume bonuses as well! Then, keep CF1 with their current bonuses, update S2, and give S3 the lowest costume bonuses then tick them up over time… surely…

The con’s? Paywalled behind the costume chamber (again). I don’t mind too much as costume keys come relatively frequently from chests and MV’s, but it’s a shame that they can’t just boost up the S1 stats just a little bit more.

These are obviously just preliminary thoughts, and whilst I’m not entirely happy about more costumes, I have learnt to not chase too hard.


As much as i like that S1 is getting more costumes, how about giving costumes to the older heroes like Hel and Musashi?