🧪 The Beta Beat (V48) – Tremors of Underwild, 2022 June and July HoTMs, Sanctuary of Gargoyles -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Well…there goes my dreams of having a god phoenix. He’s now just a :clown_face: bird instead

But really they should do that, it’s not just for aesthetics. It’s the one thing that can make sand empire stand out as the family that does the various DOT damages

Marie-Therese’s costume is not overpowered. I looked through her beta and released topics as well and nobody said that she is overpowered. I only saw 1 comment in V48 Beta 3 topic which says she is OP.
Please check her released topic, players compared her to Xnolphod and other heroes and they were not sure they would place her above X or those other heroes. They said she is not bad, but not great either; does everything, but not with efficiency. Updated costume mana bonus does not place her to C. Panther’s or Kong’s level, not even C.Rumpel’s lvl.
So she does not need nerf, she is good as she is.


The beta for V49 should be this week or next week, correct?

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I think Beta updates are generally released on Mondays or Wednesdays but I could be wrong, I’m not in Beta so I don’t know for sure :man_shrugging:t3:

If this “Playing the planet” event will be Beta tested, and Staff wants two Beta builds for V49, then yes we should get a Beta build this week.

You are correct the final Beta build for a version is usually arrive on Monday, while the earlier Beta builds are usually arrive on Wednesday.

So I am expecting a Beta build this Wednesday, or if Staff wants a single build only, then on next Monday.

Other than this new event and maybe the Solstice summon I am also expecting at least the August HoTM in V49 Beta.


Also, don’t forget the updates to Sands and Kingdom heroes

I think the balance updates for Sand Empire and War of the Three Kingdoms will arrive today or in the next 1-2 days without any Beta testing so that they will be effective before next Monday before the Sand Empire event starts.


Guys do you have any informations about the featured Heroes on the first tremors of the underwild??


In Beta we have seen these featured heroes:

I am unsure whether we will see the same featured heroes in the Live game or not.

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Russula, Lepiota, Prof. Linderbrock were recently featured in this Portal in April, I really doubt we will get the same set of heroes.

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Oh ok, that make sense as this event was in Beta before the previous Underwild event.

I have not even opened the portal last time in the live game as I do not want to pull.

In this case we will see which here will be featured.

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I’m glad. I want to pull in this window, but I don’t want another Russula.