🧪 The Beta Beat (V45) – Soul Exchange, War of the Three Kingdoms -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Is it fair to assume that a “Rises” type event will follow for S4? If so, when would that kick off?

I think such feature will arrive, but we have not seen it in Beta yet.

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Pure speculation: based on a limited calendar, I wouldn’t be surprised I’d say season 2 and 3 had their events at the same time and season four would replace Valhalla forever.

Otherwise I’ll enjoy the events when we have them.

Costumes may be the reason this doesn’t happen. I just don’t see favorable farming happening this often in the calendar.

Maybe Season 2/3 will alternate in upcoming months ?
We will see what Staff have in their mind…


Hopefully not. During atlantis rising, you can atleast farm coins for a pull or two whereas with Valhalla you cant really relly on a pull…


That was my thoughts too. But then they should really think of improving VF.

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I think the best way for rises is to gather season 2,3,4 in one event … For 4-5 days. This will clear the calendar for a bit. Btw I wonder why season 1 doses not have such event.

Because there isn’t a season 1 portal. These events are meant to drive people spending on summons.


They won’t “improve” VF, it was nerfed intentionally as they’ve said that AR is too generous for the game economy balance. That’s the main reason they’ve shortened it to try to reduce the impact of intense farming.

Driving active players to use more flasks and loot tix. And buy offers if they still can’t get enough. Sigh

Yep, I save all WE flasks and loot tix for Atlantis. I usually also buy WE refills to the equivalent of about 80 flasks each month.

There are still 2 open days in the current schedule, before the tower events.

Besides, who said the 4-week-schedule is set in stone? It could be changed to a 5-week-schedule. (Although I admit that is unlikely.)

Yeah, everything can happen. SG will make decisions and tell us :slight_smile:

True but SGG made evident they were way too generous with AR, hence VF was designed as it was, and why AR’s duration was nerfed twice. So the next step I would expect is that they will make AR indeed a once in two-month occurrence. Hopefully VF will have Troll appearance rate augmented.

I was going to ask you a couple weeks ago if they might collapse all the older seasons into one event, like they did with the older quest events, when season 5 is released.

That is also possible. Having the AR + VF at the same time under a combined coin and portal.
We will see once anything about this arrives to Beta, but might be only in V46 Beta only.

Beta Update

We have just received a new Beta with this content.

New HotM has arrived for March

Soul Exchange

  • The Soul Exchange is arrived, but there are no changes on it.

War of the three Kingdoms

  • No noticable changes are arrived for it, and we did not received any new heroes for it either so far.

Reward Improvements

Epic Tome of Golden Emblems will be added as a possible reward to following sources:

  • Rare Wanted Chests
  • Rare Titan Loot
  • Raid Tournament Rewards

Changes will be effective after Version 45 is released.

Extra Daily Summon

After using your Daily Summon, you can now watch an ad for an extra Daily Summon.
The VIP Pass does not double this extra summon.

Balance Adjustment

  • Durations of undispellable and uncleansable status effects can now be refreshed
    • New casts of Element Link now refresh the duration of identical Element Link buffs previously applied by another Hero of the same Family
    • Element Link buffs that grant extra defense against a specific element are not considered identical; such effects now overlap, and will not refresh or override each other
  • Wolf and Raven Heroes can now refresh the duration of status effects modified by their Family Bonus
  • Non-Corrosive status ailments can now override Corrosive status ailments of the same name
    • Previously, Corrosive effects would override “regular” effects, but not the other way around
    • Burn/Frost/Poison will now override Corrosive Burn/Frost/Poison, and vice versa
    • Stack effects will continue to be unaffected by status effects


  • Adjusted UI scaling for battle information tooltips
    • Better legibility when inspecting Heroes or enemies with very long descriptions
  • Clearer descriptive text for:
    • Cobalt’s Special Skill
    • the Family Bonus mechanic
  • Improved input responsivity in all battles involving turn-based stage properties
    • Affects most Challenge Events, Mythic Titan, Ninja Tower, and Tower of Magic stages
    • Affects certain map stages
  • Item tooltips now distinguish between Wanted Missions and Rare Wanted Missions
  • Reduced room for confusion between mana generation and re generation
    • Certain Special Skills now use the word " receive " instead of “regenerate”
      • Heroes affected: Alberich, Ariel (Costume), Gramps, Ludwig, Toxicandra
      • This is only a text edit and does not change how these Special Skills function
      • These Special Skills do not interact with Chakkoszrot’s mana generation debuff


  • Costume Bonus is now calculated into stats shown in Level Up, Ascension, and Limit Break displays
  • Damage-over-time status effects cast by Lord Loki now properly deal extra damage against specific elements when applicable (e.g., Clarissa, Gravemaker)
  • Fixed a bug with Golden Emblems in which the game would prevent players from using one to learn a Talent, citing a lack of resources
  • Fixed a visual bug in which the Berserk icon would not disappear from An-Windr or Gullinbursti in Challenge Event battles if their Special Skill was reflected by an Elemental Barrier
  • Fixed a visual bug in which Time Stop would not immediately update enemies’ turn counters
  • Lady of the Lake’s Minions now properly reduce mana from targets affected by Balbar’s Sleep
  • Lughaidh can no longer cast status effects on allies in Ghost form
  • Removed a misleading audio cue from the end of Eloise’s Special Skill sound effect
  • Removing a Fiend by summoning a new Minion will now cleanse status ailments cast by the Fiend immediately, instead of at the end of the turn
  • Special Skill effects tied to enemy kills will now correctly trigger regardless of whether a killed Hero revives through the Fighter Talent
    • Heroes affected: Fenrir, Frank (Costume), Skadi
  • The “ATTACK TEAM” button in Alliance Wars now correctly reads “INSPECT TEAM”
  • To-be-revived Fighter Heroes are no longer valid targets for items such as Revive Scroll and Miracle Scroll
  • Tower of Magic bosses can now be properly inspected during battles
  • Yunan’s Costume no longer looks tiny in PvP battles

kind of disappointing, was expecting news

this is nice, though


yay! more free hero and troop feeders/summons for the PoV challenge,

and yay! faster gameplay, hopefully this gets rid of the lags when playing… really happy this is being worked on


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