🧪 The Beta Beat (V44) – New event hero costumes, Challenge Festival Event, Updated Alliance Quest, Season 4 and Clash of Knights and Ninja heroes and HoTMs -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Yes, these seems to be the same challange coins.

The gem cost seems to be the same. 300 /1 pull, 2600 for 10.


Ooh, I cross posted with this one so only just seen it. Personally I think this sounds like a very positive move, but no doubt it will annoy some people. Because there aren’t enough challenge events that you can pull s1 from, obviously.


Fantastic will be able to keep my 5 free pulls I was going to hope for Panther with

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Well…, no more Dawas etc, higher chance for Bauchan.

I won’t be using my coins for GoT now.


Love the indirect paywall. Well done SGG!

Most of the 5* would have been stripped of emblems by now, bar the still useable legendaries for current meta.

3* shouldn’t be an issue. See heaps of LB emblemmed Bauchan running around.

Ditto 4*.


The new Season 4 heroes related topic is ready:


Sounds nice at first, and personally I really like that I will get a trainer instead of a S1 hero.

Are the odds for event heroes increased (which would be great) , or are they the same like in the other challenge event portals?

And can we use challenge event coins or only gems (or new coins)?

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Here are the apperarance rates @ferg
11% chance of a trainer hero (10% - Rare, 1% Epic)
89% chance of an event hero (61% - Rare, 25.5% - Epic, 2.5% - Legendary)
+1.3% chance for the HoTM

The Festival bonus chest can include (after each 10 pull): Limit Break Materials, Ascension Materials, Class Emblems, Good Bundles and Trainer Heroes.


Can’t really believe, that those odds will stay. :open_mouth:


Looks like instead of pulling at Guardians, I’ll wait for this event to pull


I agree. A coin is a coin is a coin.

With odds at 2.5%, assuming 25 5*, it’s 0.1% Chance per 5*. Much better than the usual abysmal odds

This is where I’m at. Unless you have most other heros except for Guradians, it doesn’t seem like there is any reason to pull on Guardians. Yeah this pool is more diluted, but your chance of getting something good is much higher.

This is a fantastic move by SG!


WHAAATT!?!?!?! :exploding_head: :scream:

89% chance of a non-S1 hero? I’ll be on that like white on rice! Been waiting to see what the Black Friday thing would be, but I can’t imagine it would top this. Do the legendaries come with costume in this portal?


Ruskin, I agree completely. and getting 5 new event heroes as well is an awesome addition. Curious to see how they are.

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Based on percentages, there seems to be no S1 heroes in the portal. Can anyone confirm this if this is correct?

3 of the event legendary heroes (with costume if available) will be featured with 1% chance.
1.5% chance for the rest of event legendary heroes (with costume if available)


@PlayForFun but above you wrote 2,5 % for legendaries :wink:

That’s still decent.

Featured @1% = 0.33% per featured hero

Non featured @1.5% collectively = assuming remaining 22 5*, that’s 0.07% odds.

If that stays this way I will surely pull in that portal. Most CE 5* I have are getting costumes so yeah. Probably no point in trying to pull in this Teltoc either way.

What 4 star heroes on that portal ?

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