🧪 The Beta Beat (V43) – Updated Ninja Tower event and new Heroes, new Santa's challange hero and cosutmesn new legendary heroes (event unkown) -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

NGL, these previews are now more deflating to me than they do to hype me up. I just look at what’s coming and look at what I currently have and just feel sad about it.



  • And much more, so stay tuned!
    This is it, past 3-4 months are just too much i don’t know how ppl that spend feel about it.
    I got some aliance members leaving cos they can’t keep up and their spending arent improving anything which is sad.
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Love the information format and way it has been shared. Very professional and allows me to find the information I most care about easily rather than having to go through lots of text with a fine tooth comb.
Thank you!!


I honestly feel tired reading about the endless new heroes and events

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Not rebuking you play for fun
I think you’re doing a great job


So you want to run out of stuff to do in the game? If you Want to use a hero as is and not level it more you absolutely can!

The topic is now available for the updated Ninja Tower event:

Exact Floor and blessing information will be added later.

I wouldn’t say there are no changes for MN. Greater revive % - she was already reviving like crazy especially in VF tournaments and wars and more HP after reviving plus as " * All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns." is the last skill it means that those who she resurrected with 15% of health will regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns. Previously healing was the first skill, so the one she resurrected didn’t get 30% healing.
For me, she will be an absolute monster.


I didn’t paid attention to higher reviver percentage. You’re absolutely right.

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All these actions, they are pulling off lately seems like a panic mode to milk last few bucks from community before whole ship sinks…

No real development of game, just portals on portals…


The current Beta buld’s testing is just ended.

I will post further updates to the topic when a new build arrive


That would be a great (maybe not very useful, but great) mechanic! “Hero switches to costume form and fires special skill”.

I admire your optimism that a new build will arrive in beta before there is a post announcing the roll-out of v43 :slight_smile:

I am expecting as least 1 or 2 Beta builds in V43.
1 if it is not arriving tomorrow.
There can be 2 if we receive a new build tomorrow.


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