🧪 The Beta Beat (V42) – Clash of Knights (Alliance Quest) and Heroes, HotM costumes, Elemental Links and families, Tavern of Legends quest update, new HotMs -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

one more build goes without any new 3* or 4* in S04

We do not know.
We will only know it for sure, when the Version 42 release notes is published.

In the Question and Answer session Staff told that they are not planning to release a new batch for 3-4 star heroes for existing seasons.

But it looks like they meant it for Season 4 too :frowning:


ouch, been holding my coins for them. the s04 3* and 4* are not that appeling, was hopping for something better

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But of course everything can happen…

Salmon Loki was released way after the last province of Season 3.

I would be love to have another set of 3-4 star heroes for Season 4 too.
I hope it will happen, but we do not know what Staff thinks about it :frowning:

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you mean the topic they made a while ago, right?! not in beta nor something directed to s04. (just fooling myself a lil)

So we should expect V42 out soon?



Staff have not made any indication that they are planning the release V42 this week, and that this was the last Beta build for V42 or not.
I am just assuming that based on that the fixed bugs list are usually in the last build, and sometimes they mentioned that this will be on the “final release note”.

Earlier staff told us whether we can expect a new build this week or not, but in the last few version they are stopped doing this (even last week, when the Beta is reopoened on Tuesday).


Just released Version 42 Release Notes & Status

With a reduction to “nearby radius”. There is no explanation of this change in release notes. :frowning:


Yes, I just wanted to post it here too :frowning:

So my assumption was correc this was last build…

I will create V43 Beta Beat topic when it will be opened…


A lot of players who don’t follow the forum are going to be pretty annoyed by the formation change once it goes live!


New quest and related heros (again) do not excite me, also a change of the effectiveness of double formations. I believe the old way was giving more space, allowing more creativity in building a strong defence teams using a larger pool of heros. For example, tried many times with reverse, success rate was never even close - for a simple reason that I can’t field those hard hitters that dominate reverse formations these days.

Other content? I gues I will benefit a little from changes to the older HoTMs, everything else that should be summoned to be enjoyed - guess not. It’s almost a month of #nospend game life so realistically, I will barely see any premium hero in the future. :joy:


I realy hope that the infamous “nearby radius” change isn’t to release Quenell and Ludwig with their overly powerful skill instead of rightfully tweak them down.


I hope so too. Cos it will be annoying if that’s the intended direction.

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Oh, you sweet child of summer :smiley:


Yeah i saw that nerf to radiuses in the notes? Definitely glad I didn’t level up Sif or Guinevere now, ngl! Ah well, time to save em for any other light 5* heroes that the rng gods may send my way!

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How is that going to work on formations like this, where it seems like the visual intent is a semi-circle around the boss so all four minor enemies would be equidistant from the boss…?


My gut feeling is that in this example Francine and 2 pumpkins in front of her would be affected.

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I agree.

It just seems like this is one of those changes they may not have thought / tested all the scenarios.

“Nearby” should be visually obvious.


Are you referring to the forum Beta Beat notifications? You would have asked for them in settings. If you no longer wish to receive them, change your notification settings.

Being in Beta testing, is completely different.


It clicked to me few moments ago, why they changed effects for 3 target heroes in new formations!

They plan to implement formations for attack also, so hit 3 would in the end effect all your allies.

Sif, Ares, Zulag, Guin would now buff 5 of your allies! Healers to all allies would now be more often than not, weaker in every sense to heal 3 heroes.

Still, to prevent that, they could prevent this to happen on attack but keep it same in affecting 5 for defense :slight_smile:

They just succeded in giving proper meaning to buff 3 heroes and afterwards took it away…Now they can go back to bench for long time


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