🧪 The Beta Beat (V41) – Tower of Magic Event + Heroes, Haloween Hero Costumes, New Underwild Heroes and HoTM -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Only way how this would make sense is to have 25+25 levels instead of 25+50.


More floors is a huge plus. More rewards this way. Those that don’t want to play don’t have to.

If we are given free flasks this is a great happy medium. Still have to play each day but can use those flasks when you want.

One curse for some heroes should probably be a master bug thread before this starts.

Other than trials this seems to be the biggest class specific content in the game. Early players will be at a disadvantage just as they are in almost every other area of the game.

I’m not 100% opposed to not getting free flasks as long as the rewards are worth it. I’ll gladly opt in to the purchase if I get the gems back via completion.

Slower second mana charge is a good balance I would think.

Im curious how hard completion is. I’d love if beta testers could share teams and items they used. Ideally some would beat it with four stars or season one heroes.

I am glad it’s called impossible difficulty. That should help say the standard for how hard it is.


This is why I believe this is not going to happen.

I’m pretty sure they know this is a line which they don’t want to cross and as such they’ll give us enough flags, just as they do with all the other events.

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@PlayForFun any update about October 2021 and onwards HOTM in the new beta update?

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Patience….we’ll find out in due time


Yeah, 25+25 would make sense.
I will let you know once I will reach the “Impossible” difficulty.
So far no Beta tester had time to go beyond level 16…

Nothing yet, but I am almost 100% sure, that those will be tested in this version, but not this week. Maybe on the next one.

So far this is working worse than expected.
I let my costume Gunnar cursed once who is a Druid in costume (but not Magican in original version), and now I can not use the entire hero neither in normal or costume version.
Someone else already reported this as a bug, so i hope this will be resolved, and the costume will still usable later…


How many days?

Looking forward to it.

The event duration is 5 days in Beta.

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Why is Monk not included? @mhalttu @ScottySG @J.o

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Yes. Gobbler is druid class. I regret having fed it away now :rofl:


Should we expect this event in September?

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Just boycott the beta test for this event!!!

This is nonsense. Ninja tower is already to much time and ressource consuming. Everybody complains about that and wants more QoL in this respect for e.g. stacking the energies throughout the days, but hey let’s make it 75 impossible floor to complete?


Let’s wait until the event officall rolls out. I am confident (or rather, I hope) that SG will listen to at least some of our feedback.

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Yeaaa, Boycott beta tests so we can get unbalanced event.
I’m pretty sure it would be introduced anyway.

Personally I like NT and I’m quite happy that we will have diffrent tower events, 75 floors is a lot but you don’t have 2 hours to do it.

People are complaining about NT but if someone don’t like it he/she don’t have to play it. Also its not resource consuming if you want to just finish it, if you want compete then it will take a lot resources but it is like every other event.


You have to play it to remain competitive in the game.

Who cares about balance? The game is broken since S3 was released what are you talking about seriously :roll_eyes:


Not magical enough? :thinking:

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Just adding my voice to the chorus of “Holy crap, this is too much! Who is on their phone this much during a day?” Curses mean you can’t autoplay any of it also.

I don’t like towers, but I do like free rewards. In fact, as FTP, I rely on them more than most. I worry that the rewards on normal will be two feathers and a rope and on impossible, it will be a four-star mat and maybe multiple gold tokens. In other words, if you aren’t playing to finish it, there’s no point. I realize this is classic FOMO, but I can still say that I don’t like it. That is simply too much of a time commitment for a single event. Even if they let the tower energy accumulate over the course of the event - like Mythic Titan flags - it would be better. Maybe you’d have a lazy Sunday afternoon where you could blow through a bunch of flags at once. Would be tedious, but perhaps more feasible than doing 10 flags or more every day.

I have long advocated for there to be more events that take class into account. Is this the best way to do it? I’m not sure, but I’m going to go ahead and say that I like it because it’s an attempt to make classes matter more.

Yep. Just circled back to Kadilen, and this probably means Elk will be next man up in green. Might even give Horghall another look! :deciduous_tree:


Any info about October’s HOTM in this V41?

I have already answered this above:


Do QoL always go through beta?

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