🧪 The Beta Beat (V41) – Tower of Magic Event + Heroes, Haloween Hero Costumes, New Underwild Heroes and HoTM -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

I know, and I like the Ninja Tower a lot!
And you are absolutely right, too many people complain about new features or content based on incomplete informations. Try the new content, if its not to your liking make some suggestions for changes. After some complains SG gave better rewards for completing NT. Thats a good example that feedback works. What never will work are rants about quitting if this feature will be implemented or that event will not be changed. I would like critics to be more constructive, and not everything new is a ridiculous money grab.

Happy gaming


@Shunt has my proxy in this thread. I find myself agreeing with them quite often. Yes there are people out there that like the ninja tower and excited by Tower of Magic.

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only excited about Sergei. the rest of it…?

Finally, I have completed the Normal difficulty. Now I see how the Impossible dificulty look like.
I am starting to setup the topic for the event.


so this game is becoming a pay to play
good idea SG

The topic about the event is now available:

And here is the topic for the Tower Summor Portal itself:


I always thought druid and cleric was also more religious than magical

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The same can be said about Cleric. Even Druid is actually religious/spiritual.

In real world definition, a cleric is a formal representative of a deity or religious order while a monk is someone who practices some form of asceticism.

In RPG, Monk is usually related to Cleric. Cleric use spiritual energy, Druid use nature energy, while Monk use chi (life force energy) that can be cultivated through meditation.

Sun Wukong with his 72 magical transformation?

It’s hard to believe SG found their monks are not magical enough… what do they think?

Ratatoskr and Santa Claus are not magical enough?.. and…

Joon: my Solar Beam is not magic, believe me!

Rana: I can summon Sand Storm without magic.

Raffaele: I am a channeler, not magic… TV channel!

Aeron: Guess the thing I draw from the book! It’s not magic.

Marie-Therese: I am a Voodoo Queen. I don’t do magic.


In fact, based on the design and skill of 5* Monk, most of them are magical.


Would be good if they can include Monk. 50% of existing classes. Rather than 40%


40% might indicate more towers to come.

So would 50%. I had the same thought above for 50% and then have another tower for the other heroes.

they might implament in ninja tower aswell, 40% with each class in 2 towers was my tought

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with 40% of the classes being able to withstand 5 curses, also challenges how you use your roster efficiently

@PlayForFun This may be a bit early to ask this, but will we see the remaining 2 challenge events come to beta in the next couple of updates?

I have not got any official or unofficial information about this, so I am writing just my personal opinion of what I expect .
I think we will see at one of them in the fall in Beta.(Maybe in V42 or 43)
If that arrive early, then there is a chance for the have last one in Beta at the really end of the year, but I would expect it in the live game only in 2022.

  • Heroes of magical classes (Wizards, Sorcerers, Druids and Clerics) can withstand 5 curses, other heroes only 1 curse

Oh boy! I am very excited to try this now! Cobalt will rule! :smiley: (plus it’s the perfect motivation to get on with me levelling up my Alfrike!

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It could also be eventually 4 or 5 rotating tower events with a different mix of favored classes.

I can see tavern getting moved into a shorter duration and return to monthly in a similar format to the costume event, while that place on the calendar is a monthly tower that rotates events.


I’m curious about rotation. Will ToL still be every other month? Or will we rotate the three events? I can definitely see more of these class based events upcoming.

Or perhaps we won’t. Maybe they feel these classes are less “powerful” than others and want an event for them? Maybe they have ideas that will never come to fruition.

I’ll wait and see. Don’t need anything immediately. If there is a third tower event I wouldn’t expect to see it until 2022.


It makes sense that tavern in there is a stopgap, and the event duration is far too long.

By making it 2-3 days and having it monthly they can go back to one featured HOTM, and alternate every 2 weeks with costume.

I don’t see them doing any less than 3 tower events eventually, but I agree they will see how this one goes and then likely redo ninja to work more like this.

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I want this to happen…

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