🧪 The Beta Beat (V41) – Tower of Magic Event + Heroes, Haloween Hero Costumes, New Underwild Heroes and HoTM -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

A minor update have been posted here about the Tower of Magic event:


Now the data of the first 25 Impossible floors are accessable too here:


Now the data of the last 25 Impossible floors are accessable too here:

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Beta update:

Passepartout has just received a buff:

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Sorry if this has been discussed is there a new type of troop like the ninja troops for the magic tower?

We have not seen any new troops in beta


Thanks for the quick reply! Appreciated

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We have just received a Balance update for Octros:


The Beta testing of the current Version 41 Beta Build has just ended, and this was the last Build for this version.
Staff is now preparing to release Version 41.

So we will most likely not have a new Beta build this week (and maybe next week neither).
I will create a new topic once the first Beta build for Version 42 arrives.


so, Magic Tower in 2 weeks?


I still have not got confirmation from Staff on this, but I would be very suprised if it will be not be announced in the Version 41 released notes.

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do you remember if ninja troops were tested in beta?

Yes they were

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i saved from last ninja tower to somon magic. guess i will have to save them a lil longer

Maybe we will meet two more challenge with red and green reflection. Could we meet another tower event with the same advantage system but for a different class ? How about costume HOTM, i see on google play costume athena image maybe.

We have seen a costume Gravemaker earlier in Beta. So I suppose HoTM costumes will eventually arrive to the game…

Those are essentially synonyms. A dude who can turn water into wine, walk on water or come back from the dead is as magical as people waving wands to cast spells. Both are supernatural fantasy characters.

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I really like the how the talents are implemented in this. Let’s hope they add this in the other towers

Magic tower- wizards, sorcerers, clerics, druids

Ninja tower- rogues, rangers, monks, sorcerers (maybe one class can overlap to make a fair 4 classes per tower)

Warrior tower- fighters, paladins, barbarians, rangers

Or maybe Ninja only need 2 classes (Rogue and Rangers) which can sustain more curses than other class. The curse limit doesn’t need to be 5 and 1 like in Magic, it can be 5 and 2 which make the overall limit the same: 4×5 + 6×1 = 2×5 + 8×2

That way the last tower can have the 4 remaining classes (Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Monk) with 5 and 1 curse limit.

But that would be quite unbalanced for ninja tower.
The reason why I put monk and sorcerer in ninja tower is because I feel like if they’re going to follow magic tower, it needs to be consistent. Which means talent classes have to be shifted as well
Garnet can still be sorcerer while cobalt, mica, ametrine and shale needs to switch classes to fit into the ninja tower talents of rogue, ranger, monk and sorcerer.
Cobalt could be changed to rogue. Not wizard attack high but rogue still has quite high attack. plus he can dodge now and actually needs as much help as he can on defence. While mica can be switched into monk. Ametrine as ranger while shale turns into sorcerer
Devs will then have to give all players 4 reset emblems in the mail regardless of whether they own any of these heroes. Cobalt and mica owners will need to reset them before the change if they want to save those wizard/paladin emblems. If not they get converted to their new talent and they lose a heck of a lot of the old emblems

If they want to be consistent, they will need 5 Towers to make it equal for each class.

It is already ridiculous enough not to put Monk in magical class.

Not all the choices the game makes are based on logic, first and foremost the choice is about balance in the game. For their overall design which we don’t yet know, 4 classes need to go with this event, not five, so one “logical” class must be left out

Rings aren’t important per se, it’s just red ascension material, but to make it nicer they call it rings.

The classes could just be numbered 1-10, they only gave them names and attributes to dress it up, this is why heros don’t always go in their “logical” class

You can’t look at it from what something should be based on the name or type, the decisions are always going to be based on technical game balance reasons first and foremost, like adding Salmon Loki to S3 to balance the number of 5* heros there.

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