🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

For the new squid hero, i can see people using 5, just ti be a troll

Hi guys. Why still no update of the Beta?

where can we read about this squid hero?

I suppose @Guvnor is busy as he has not updated the Season 4 topic yet with the new hero and other changes, but now I have added what are the changes for Season 4 heroes and the info about the new hero here:

I have also added what are the changes I have noticed about Limit Breakers here:


thank you very much @PlayForFun :slight_smile: so nice and amazing of you to help out!


Yeah plan is to do the updates today.

Sorry been busy with RL stuff (and have fairly minimal motivation about beta currently because… limit breakers…)


That’s understandable. Let us all pay respect to those who bear the burden of testing awful game mechanics that the company, for some reason beyond human and eldritch comprehension, thought it would be a good idea.

Honestly, I would like limit breakers disappear into the abyss more than non-S1 costumes.


I hope too, but as I see SG made too much extra work on the new LB Quest since the previous Beta version about this feature. (That time it was just a copy of an existing rare quest. Now it is a completely new quest.)
So most likely it will make it to the live game. Maybe in the next version ?
I would be to happy to be wrong about this…

We can just hope that they will limit which heroes are Limit Breakable or they add some other limitations on usage of these heroes.

Beta Update

Beta reopened with V39.1 for testing.

Features some more S4 stuff (maps, biomes & heroes) as well as a return of the Advanced Hero Levelling.


Crazy, that they plan to go forward with it, instead of many other options who would really enrich game while stil providing profit…


Some fun of this game comes from levelling heroes (making them stronger). So the idea of LBs is not so bed. SG also said they are going to introduce new quests/events that would require strong heroes, so LBs would allow to complete such quest/events with older (but LB) heroes. However I would welcome limiting the usage of LB to some part of heroes (eg. S1, S2 and old event/challenge heros)


thought we would have new 3 and 4* season 4 by now, reealy hoping for a purple def debuffer

We will see what’s SG’s plan…
In Season 3 the new set of 3/4 star heres were released around province 12.

The current version’s Beta testing is closed, and it will reopen later this week.

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Beta Update

V39.2 has opened for testing.

Features costumes for Yunan and Rana as well as a new S3 (yes Valhalla) hero… well really it’s a return / revamp of old Salmon Loki.

Also has two new HotM.

I’ll have threads updated and published tomorrow sometime.


Salmon Loki? Smells fishy to me :laughing:


Somebody say than they added a 5% costume probability to HA10. It is true? Can it be expanded to other levels of HA (like HA8)?


36+ years

Beta beat

the chance of getting a matching 5* hero costume is currently 1:20 odds in Beta


Costume loot box unit pricing for a specific Classic 5* Hero costume is currently 36+ years

Click for Marjana example


With 100 users,

after 36 years,

the 99th user will get Marjana Costume while the 100th user will still not have the Marjana Costume from 5* retraining ( HA10 )


With 1 million users,

after 36 years,

10,000 users will still not have the Marjana Costume from 5* retraining ( HA10 )

Too bad for those people, there is literally nothing they can do about the situation due to Merciless R N G



but why not do 5* chance to random costume, if you already have costume for matching hero (f.e. Marj).

Yes, correct 5% for HA10.
It is not expanded to other HA levels… but I wish SG do it for HA8 at least.

Roc, Rana, and Yunan is added to Hero Academy lvl 10 in Beta as possible retraining result.
But getting a costume for them from HA10 is will be like wining the lottery …


So, seasonal heroes are finally being added into HA10 and costumes?

For the costumes, are they for any of the 5* costumes available through HA10? or just on certain heroes?

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