🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

+1, I hope they never even think about reviving those non-S1 costumes…!

more balance buffs would be welcome.


Wonder if we’ll see a elemental link that increases damage done by special skills down the road

The version 38 has been released but it seems like limit breakers are not here yet. :man_shrugging:

I have not expected them in V38, as they were in Beta only once…
There are some changes which are tested multiple times (eg: Elemental Charge war type) in earlier versions, and they are still not in the live game.


Indeed. But I only pointed that they were initially listed for beta V37 / V38 :smiley:

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do we know witch season 04 heroes will be in V38?

Version 38 isn’t available at the play store. Has it not released for android yet?

Most of the time it needs a little time to roll out on all devices. My tablet gets the new updates normally very fast the phone needs a little bit longer, both Android. Just a little patience…

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Limit Breakers are arrived back to testing in Version 39.
(Limit breaker item requirement is reduced for 5 star costumes,
The quest gives double limit breaker item count.
The additional item is very reduced, food and iron requirement is reduced too)

Captian Nemo and Zenobia is rebalanced.
New S4 hero is arrived: Xnolphod.
I suppose @Guvnor will update the related topics later.


Is there anything in the latest beta about summer costumes that were mentioned a while back? If memory serves correctly they scrapped the spring costumes but were going to add in summer costumes.

There is nothing yet in the Beta about the Summer event costumes.


Thanks for the response. I’m sitting on nearly 100 EHT waiting for either new costumes or halloween…I really want Vanda


Os materiais eu sei que tenho muitos… não sei é quem me andou “roubar” os herois…

Google translation:

I know I have a lot of materials … I don’t know who’s been “stealing” the heroes … :rofl:


Hopefully they scrap the costumes and add buff for Roc.


Quick question about the new squid hero.
I understand it gives 20% mana to all allies when firing.
Using 5 of them, can you create an infinite loop of squids firing one after the other?

I think yes as once he fires his skill then his mana is fill up to 20%.
So theoratically you can do an infinite loop if you have 5 maxed, but as he does not do any damage on his own by his skill so it is useless in that mattwe to win the match.
You can just can keep all dark tiles enchanted with mana boost after every move.

What new squid hero do you mean? Havent heard of it?

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Ah, we have squid now? That is definitely what this game needs :grinning: A great deal of the charm of this game for me is the style and variety of the cards, barring a few dishonourable mentions, and a giant death-dealing squid will fit in very well. Ursena doesn’t quite fit the bill (and I don’t have her anyway).

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Mmm… In an ipothetical defence with 5 squid you can win for time loss if they fire one time all together :’)

PS it seems an illithyd, or mind flayer, more than a squid

And that’s how you get sued into oblivion by WotC.

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