🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

I mean just for filling the chest or farming I don’t need it, but for longer things it’s welcome.
Costume chamber or Ninja tower are extremely sturdy mob waves who need a long time to kill, and sometimes I’m just not sure if I’m already in the last wave before the bosses or if there is one more waves of mobs.
And yes that is important if I try to load my heroes to start the Boss wave with full specials on every hero, or if I can use the special to kill the mob.
That’s just what it’s called, a quality of live improvement, it makes gaming easier and so I like it.


I do the same as Guvnor, very usefull QoL. Probably quite a few people do the same.

Besides, even if this not affect you, why you are complainig?


I’m not complaining, I was asking why people were so excited for a feature that already exists in some form. It’s like getting blood from a stone to get QoL improvements in this game and I just think if we’re going to push for something, why not something new and also something that benefits all players more?


Maybe we can get a new chat channel especially for merc requests too. :rofl:

I honestly don’t see that ever happening. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Exactly this! Doesn’t mean we have to drink the Koolaid though.

Sure, the wave counter is a slight improvement on the current system, and probably should have been the setup from the beginning, but it’s addition effectively changes nothing.


It’s a start. Looking forward to the rest tho

Those QoL changes are so basic that they should have been inserted in from the very beginning. This game is already 4 years old. Finally get a wave counter! Plus get to see enemy attack and defence stats. Wow!


While the QoL changes are basic, I’m still happy to see them. @Genghis has it very right on the development strategy for this game.

So when we get crumbs, we rejoice. And I’d rather do that than gripe about things that will NEVER change - in particular, percentages for pulls and similar. Nor will HA change. There’s no money in it.

The lack of solution for duplicates is a valid gripe, but I’m doubtful they will ever do anything.


Even though they said they would. Stick to your word SG


I think they used “indeterminate language” (aka weasel words) like “we will look into” and similar.

And maybe they did, and decided it was more fun to watch their bank accounts turn over a new digit instead.

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how many beta versions usualy take to roll out a new version?

It varies on version but more than 5 builds

Version 37 had got only 1 Beta build
Version 36 had got 5 Beta builds
Version 35 had got 5 Beta builds
Version 34 had got 2 Beta builds
Version 33 had got 5 Beta builds
Version 32 had got 5 Beta builds

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yeah, had hopes to see morel later this month but wont keep high expectations, V37 was testing almost everything from V38 tought, wasnt it?

Morel (and Hannah) was first tested in Version 37, and that version is released. So that version could contain Morel (and Hannah), and these balance updates (what are under testing right now) can be handled without a new version release.

So there is a chance for having Morel (or Hannah) as a Featured hero later this month,

I have no idea who will be the featured hero from these 4:

  • Russula
  • Auoda
  • Hannah
  • Morel
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It’s good to see the wave counter and the indicator when you have mats to upgrade have both been carried over from Puzzle Combat where they are quite useful.

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I am more interesting in Sand Empire. Last month it started 29 june, so there is time for it being a part of version 39 even. Now the question is about the costumes, whether they will be there even. Also I hope they buff Roc (and if costumes some cool Phoenix alt for him would be nice) because the poor birb is sitting fully maxed (didn’t have many yellows at time, don’t judge) in my ro(o)ster - he does get used in wars once in blue moon, but that’s all.

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We have not seen any Sand Empire costumes so far in Beta.
Earlier SG told us they will arrive to Beta at the end of March but they have not arrived eversince.
I have not seen any more communications about this topic either.


I hope they burried deep down this terrible costume idea !!!


Wouldn’t be against scrapping the costumes (and limit breakers, while we’re at it), honestly. I’m just interested in and hoping for that Roc buff.

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Buff yes costume no lol


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