🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

You’re welcome @Ruskin505. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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i have been waiting a good improvement to “Red Hood” since the early 2020. There are so many good healers, and she is neither healer, nor quas-healer. i would not accept her as even attacker. She is and was never good, just mediocre and i would dare to say Marjana is better thn her.
i believe she needs either an attack buff or mana regen buff from average to fast.

Actually she can be good if well used. I combine her with Queen of Hearts in my red stack, and both work wonders. But I agree, she would need to become fast (and/or to get a stat/special buff) in order to be at the same level than Freya, Bera, Frosth…

Why no update in beta so long time ?

There was no update because Beta was not open in the last two weeks.


any word on when it reopens?

No, Staff was not told us when it will reopen when they closed the previous Beta testing.
It is very common to not have a new Beta testing build on the week of the release of a new version (v37 released last week), and sometimes the week after.
It may reopen this week (maybe on Wednesday as recently a new Beta build was released on that day of the week), but that is just my guess.


thanks, please keep us posted!

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Hopefully never again based on the latest stuff to parade thru Beta XD


Any update on the limit breaker and when that’s actually coming in to play?

As far as my knowledge there is no update available.
They were in Beta once so far.
I am not expecting that they come to the live game before at least one more testing round.

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OK cheers just making sure iv not missed anything on it

Beta has just reopened with some balance changes for several Starfall Circus event heroes, and two Season 4 heroes (Morel and Hannah).
I suppose @Guvnor will update the proper topic about them when he will have time.


Beta Update

Beta has reopened with the following stuff:

  • Starfall event
  • Balance changes to Starfall heroes
  • Several bug fixes (see quote below)
  • Several QoL additions:
    • Wave counter in map stages
    • Enemy attack and defence stats now shown
    • Timer on Friendly Battle energy
    • Indicator in roster when you have mats available to ascend a hero

Bug fixes:


gasp! finally some QoL stuff! this makes me happy!

i’ve seen so many requests for that wave counter thingie.

enemy stats will be good too, will be nice to know/gauge of my poor little 3*s will survive a map stage :slight_smile:


The QoL additions are really nice, wave counter is so a small thing with a big effect, love it. Also stats shown at enemies is welcome.

I’m happy for the malosi owners that they don’t have to wait over a year like all the people with Alfrikes little accuracy problem :sweat_smile:
Also rokkamush description fix was more than needed.
And personal happy about the Raffaele solution :slightly_smiling_face:

Overall this is a far more welcome beta update than many in the last time.


I don’t understand why people are so jazzed about the wave counter? There is already one that transitions between every stage of a battle. Do people just forget where they are and need a constant reminder? And if ‘yes’ because you auto play, does it really matter?


Matters if people autoplay the wave stages but play the boss stages (such as I do in S3 Hard mode).


So it suits a select few with a very specific play style? The people that half pay attention to their phone while playing? Seems like a weird QoL improvement to something that already exists.

Either way, you still have to keep looking back at your phone to see what stage you’re at, before the change and now.


That’s my personal use for it; that and keeping an eye on auto-play to be as efficient as possible (i.e. guages how far thru it’s gotten so far so you can judge when you are available to restart it again).

Difference now with this addition is you don’t need to glance down at a very specific moment in the battle (i.e. when it transitions stages)… you can see ANYTIME you glance down.

Anyways, given that it is one of the most requested features here on the forum, I would hazard a guess that it suits quite a fair number more than just a few who only “half pay attention to their phone” while auto-farming… May not be of interest to you, but maybe that’s just because of your play style :wink:


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