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Do you consider Springvale being four weeks to be a quality of life update?

Bit random but No… Do you tho?

Plus they hav already sed its not up yet

If you’re cynical (which I normally am), you say it’s a way to sell us offers for two additional weeks.

But yeah I do consider it a QoL improvement. More time to do a thing when nothing is taken away from us seems like a win.

I still think there are more improvements to be made, but why don’t we as players recognize the improvements we have?

Going back to your original question: all details can be found in release notes and beta threads.


:man_facepalming:t3: Iv seen this thread fml need new info on it

Just came here for this:

Blockquote :partying_face: QoL Improvements

QoL = Quality of Life

There are STILL no QoL related anything announced / included in V37 Beta Testing.

If you are really cynical you could interpret their statement about rare titans as QoL improvement :grimacing: at least they seem to think they did us a favor.



QOL for who lol what’s the new rules on titans going to do for me . Think your missing the point so unless you hav real news about it no need to comment sorry.

This was not an improvement by any means, in my view it is worse and worse. They reduced the opportunities to get 4 * materials. It was a hell of a Nerf in QoL.

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I’m guessing not, but does anyone know if any new 5*'s will be featured tomorrow for Season 4? My guess is it will be the same ones from last month and the alternate three 5*'s will be featured this month.

No as stated in this month’s thread

Thanks. I clicked it earlier looking but must have missed it. I appreciate it!

I do.

Having written that, I think they needed to extend the duration of Springvale. We didn’t have Mythic Titan, Ninja Tower, and S4 last Springvale.

Also, I consider the 10 stages Villans a proper QoL improvement. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Oh I hadn’t thought of LoV 10 stages as one. I thought more people would complain about the removal of one flag so farming but plenty seemed pretty okay with it.

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I thought the timing of 10 stages Villans was excellent!

A large majority of forum folk (83% of 390 voters) prefer the 10 stages, as seen here: Events - Do You Prefer 10 Stages Or More? POLL


I wasn’t excited about the removal of 1 flag levels, but overall the shorter length MORE than made up for it.

I don’t really compete in challenges; I do replay levels, but only to get the ETTs in rare/epic.

And replaying rare3 over and over for xp isn’t enjoyable (even auto play).


Thank you for linking that thread! I searched for it to include but couldn’t find it.

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You’re welcome @Ruskin505. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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i have been waiting a good improvement to “Red Hood” since the early 2020. There are so many good healers, and she is neither healer, nor quas-healer. i would not accept her as even attacker. She is and was never good, just mediocre and i would dare to say Marjana is better thn her.
i believe she needs either an attack buff or mana regen buff from average to fast.

Actually she can be good if well used. I combine her with Queen of Hearts in my red stack, and both work wonders. But I agree, she would need to become fast (and/or to get a stat/special buff) in order to be at the same level than Freya, Bera, Frosth…

Why no update in beta so long time ?

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